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4 Resources Worth Investing In If You’re Building a Business on the Road

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When we starting RVing full-time, there weren’t a lot of available resources online for learning how to live in an RV. And there were even less (read: zero) resources that talked about building a business on the road.

Hence how was started!

There’s a lot of things in life that you can’t do alone and building a business is one of them.

You’ll need community, mentors, and a collection of blogs, courses, and resources to help you learn along the way.

In this post I’m highlighting a few full-time RVers who are KICKING BUTT running their business on the road. People who have oodles to teach you and me, and people that if you aren’t following them already, you are MISSING. OUT.

Side note: There are some really awesome non-RVer people who can teach you a lot about business too. But the fact that these geniuses all live in RVs makes them cooler, right?

How to Build Your First Business

Bryanna, Virtual Powerhouse

photo cred: Joe Hendricks

In addition to traveling in a Winnebago with her husband, four kids, and pup, Bryanna runs the Crazy Family Adventure blog AND owns her own company, Virtual Powerhouse (yeah, she’s definitely a powerhouse!).

You probably recognize Bryanna’s name from episode 65 of the podcast. Bryanna launched her online business as a way to help her husband, Craig, quit his day job so they would both have more free-time to travel and explore with their kids. At Virtual Powerhouse, Bryanna offers services for marketing, social media management, web design, SEO, and more.

What I love about Bryanna is that she created her business with the simple goal: to create a bridge that would allow her family to spend more time together.

Last month, Bryanna released the most practical, in-depth course I’ve seen on how to step-by-step build your own business. This course (appropriately titled How to Start Your Virtual Business So You Can Travel Full Time) dives deep into the nitty gritty of how to build your business. All of the lessons are incredibly tactical and great for beginners. She even details how to set up a Google email address with your website (which I had someone else do for me last year, because I couldn’t figure it out on my own!)

Plus, Bryanna teaches you the best processes for finding your first client, what tools you’ll need to get the job done, and how to network to keep your business running on the road.

There are over 30 lessons in this jam packed course, plus a ton of bonus material like:

  • Top 10 Tax Mistakes New Small Business Owners Make
  • 5 Keys To Successfully Branding Your Business
  • How To Start A Website
  • Why You Need A Mastermind
  • Top Tips From Current Entrepreneurs Who Are Traveling Full Time

You can check out more on Bryanna’s course here.

You’ll see on her webpage that the goal of this course is simple: start your business in 30 days. I love that. It’s not gimmicky online jargon promising to make $50,000 while you’re hiking Grand Teton and sipping on a mojito. It’s practical. This course will teach you how to start your first business in the next 30 days. There is so much knowledge jammed into the course and Bryanna is absolutely killing it. If you aren’t learning from Bryanna yet, you are missing out!

How to Monetize Your Blog

Michelle, Blogger at

makingsenseofcents building a business on the road

Michelle is the queen of making money from blogging. They may not actually give out crowns for that sort of thing, but she deserves one for sure.

If you haven’t heard of Michelle yet, go listen to episode 34 of the podcast or read our interview with her. She is brilliant. So brilliant in fact, Forbes did a profile on her recently about how she made $1 million from her blog in 2016. And she does it all from her motorhome.


Last year, Heath and I joined Michelle’s course on affiliate marketing, aptly named Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates are the easiest way for bloggers to make passive income.

Affiliate marketing (Noun): a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for sales generated from its referrals.

When we first joined the course, we were making about $20/month in affiliate income from our blog. And it was literally all from one blog post about Passport America. (And I’ll be damned if that $20 wasn’t the best feeling in the world!)

After joining Michelle’s course and learning so. stinking. much. my head could explode, we finally had a plan for how we could make affiliate income from our blog.

I obviously can’t tell you everything she teaches in the course, but I can say that Michelle gives solid advice.

To start with, she taught me that I needed to increase my web traffic and not be afraid to share more affiliate links, with the caveat that the affiliate links be only for products that would be valuable to people my community. Like I said, at the time our only affiliate account was with Passport America, a product we use constantly on the road (which saved us $90 this week alone in lodging costs).

We started focusing on recommended strategies for growing our traffic and offering our affiliate link more often. The results speak for themselves:

Our affiliate commissions sky-rocketed! Fast forward a year and we now have a dozen different affiliate accounts that consistently make us over $1,000 a month.

But like Michelle advised, the most important thing is to only promote products you use and love. Notice we aren’t promoting anything non-RV related on our website. We promote things like Passport America, Harvest Hosts, Bluehost, and WeBoost cell boosters–all products that we love and use. (You can see a list of all our recommend resources, many of which are affiliate links, on our Resources page).

If the idea of affiliate marketing is overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, as part of the course, Michelle even lists out 80+ companies with affiliate programs that you can join today.

Michelle was kind enough to give us an affiliate link to share with you, but more than that, she gave us a $28 discount when you use the code “rventrepreneur” at check out.

Learn more about Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing here

Side note: Being upfront when you share affiliate links is one area that Michelle put’s a lot of emphasis on during her course. If you’re sharing an affiliate link, it’s important to let people know that you’ll be paid a commission if they sign up.

How to Find Internet on the Road

Cherie & Chris, Technomadia


Finding internet on the road can be difficult and confusing…if you’re not following Technomadia.

Chris and Cherie LITERALLY know everything there is to know about what your internet options are, which ones work the best, which ones are more affordable, and so on and so forth.

They gave us the advice and the contacts to find an elusive unlimited Verizon plan. Plus, they are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to wifi extenders, cell boosters, cell phone plans, and all things internet tech that if I tried to explain, I would make a fool out of myself.

They have two amazing resources for this:

Facebook group: Internet for RVers 

Membership community: RV Mobile Internet

They even gave us a coupon code for joining their membership community. Use the code “makemoneymia” to save $5 annually. (Note: this is not an affiliate link, just a resource we recommend!)

PS Chris and Cherie recently just bought and moved into a boat, so if you’re interested in boating and RVing, they are awesome people to know!

Building A Business on the Road

Heath, The RV Entrepreneur

heath padgett podcast 2017 building a business on the road

I would be a terrible wife if I didn’t credit Heath on this list, even though this resource is 100% free 🙂

Heath really doesn’t brag enough about having the #1 podcast on RVing. He is consistently ranked in the top 40 for all Travel podcasts in iTunes AND he’s really really good looking. He’s like an unstoppable force.

In case you haven’t heard the podcast yet, let me give you the run down:

Every Tuesday Heath releases a new interview with full-time RVers who are running a full-time business on the road. And as of last month, every Friday he releases a “mini” podcast, a 5-15 minute solo podcast where he dives into tactical advice for building your business.

To make it really easy for you to find the right episode for you, I’ve broken down the podcast into a few of the most popular categories:

Running an Artistic Business (Photography, Etsy, Crafting, Music, etc)

Running a Profitable Blog

Episodes where I’m the special guest, even if I didn’t know Heath was recording me

Starting a Youtube Channel

Solo Female Travelers Running Their Own Business on the Road

Heath’s recorded almost 75 episodes in the past 18 months and it’s been really cool for me to watch how his podcast has grown. He is our CEO and chief officer of thinking of new ideas for how we make money, grow our business, and do really fun things on the road. Basically he’s awesome. Gosh I’m getting all mushy.

Building a business on the road has given Heath and I so many opportunities. We’ve visited all 50 states, met hundreds of awesome people on the road, paid off student debt, and inspired thousands of other RV entrepreneurs through our blog. The people and resources I’ve mentioned above have been huge mentors and sources of inspiration for us. I know they will do the same for you!

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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