RVE 206: How to Remotely Manage Multiple Vacation Rentals

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We full-time travel…but we own four houses.

After emigrating with his family from Israel, Erez was disenchanted with living in suburbia. One winter he and some friends all went to Destin for a vacation where the home rental owner shared how easy it was to make money renting on the Florida coast.

Erez was intrigued.

So he bought a house.

And then another a year later.

And then another.

And now he and his wife actively manage four vacation rentals in Destin while they RV full-time. He even gets photos of his properties texted to him by his cleaners so he can manage landscaping and home details from a thousand miles away.

In this episode, Erez shares some major insights into managing an Airbnb remotely. Like

  • How one house can bring in $100,000/year
  • How to calculate what you charge nightly + for cleaning fees
  • What yield management is and how it affects bookings
  • Why Erez doesn’t use management companies or channel managers to run his home rentals remotely
  • Why being a good communicator trumps being skilled when it comes to hiring

Plus he shares all the tools he uses to manage his property his answer to the question: how often do things get broken?

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