How to create a successful blog (free video training)

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In our free course on how to start a blog, we ask everyone a simple question:

Why do you want to start a blog?

Everyone has a different answer, but almost every single person adds the same note to the end of their comment:

to make money.

But even if you start your blog as a business, you won’t start making money from day one. You need an audience, high-quality long-form blog posts, an online presence.

Instead of sending you a super long email this morning on how to create a successful blog, I thought I’d send you a video workshop from our RV Entrepreneur Summit. This workshop by Eric & Brittany Highland (@hourlesslife) is one of our most popular workshops ever after four years of Summits.

And I just uploaded it to Youtube this morning for you to watch for free.

In this workshop, Eric & Brittany cover some of the big questions new bloggers have. Like:

  • How much does blogging actually cost?
  • The 5 elements of a good blog theme
  • How to develop and design your brand
  • What your website structure should look like
  • How to structure every blog post (from your title and photos to your metadata!)

You can watch (or click the handy Watch Later button) on Youtube here.

Starting a blog is easy.

Putting in the work to make your blog amazing—from the way it’s designed to the words you write—is a little harder.

This is a great workshop for anyone who has started a blog, but has gotten caught up in the logistics (like finding a blog theme!) or is struggling to grow their blog (how do you even do SEO?) or wants to figure out how to structure a blog post (Eric & Brittany share the 10 things to include with every post).


PS February is all about blogging—the #1 work-from-anywhere business RVers want to run on the road. Next week I’ll share 7 ways to actually make money blogging. If you’re a blogger and trying to blog full-time, the video above will give you great advice and encouragement for building a blog worth reading.