What to Do in Grand Cayman with Kids

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If you’d asked me a few months ago what I knew about Grand Cayman, the answer would be… that it is an island in the Caribbean maybe? This and the fact that “offshore accounts in the Caymans” are something people talk about in movies.

However, we spent a month falling in love (yes, 30+ days) with Grand Cayman this winter.

I’ve been to countless beaches and a handful of countries in our travels, but Grand Cayman quickly became my number one favorite place in the world.

If you are considering a trip to Grand Cayman, stop reading this and go book it now. You will regret nothing.

If you’re traveling with kids, you are in for a real treat. We’ve taken our two and four-year-old to 14+ countries, and Grand Cayman was THE most kid-friendly place we’ve ever been. I’ll share more about why below (but trust me, your kids will love it).

Our First Cayman Sunset

After spending a month beach and activity hopping, I’m sharing a list of things to do with kids in Grand Cayman along with tips for visiting this gorgeous island.

Where to Stay in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is not a big island. To drive from one end to the other would take us less than an hour. However, where you stay will impact how much you can walk and the types of activities nearby.

We stayed in an area called Seven Mile Beach. This is the most popular area on the island and is very walkable. If I were to go back, this is the area I would stay again.

Seven Mile Beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! And it lives up to the hype with completely clear water that stays calm. We would spend mornings paddle boarding across the water, sometimes stopping at a nearby hotel to grab coffee and muffins before paddling back home.

Why do I recommend staying on Seven Mile Beach? (Other than the fact that the beach is incredible)

Morning walks on the beach

We did not rent a car for most of our time on Grand Cayman. (We rented when people came to visit us!)

On Seven Mile Beach, we could walk to restaurants and access everything we needed within a short distance. Our favorite restaurant was Paradise Pizza. They have incredible brick oven pizza and a cool outdoor seating area where our kids befriended some of the local cats. Plus, as my wife noted, they had amazing gluten-free pizza and we could walk there without ever leaving the beach.

Seven Mile Beach is on the west side of Grand Cayman, making it the perfect place to catch a sunset on the beach.

Literally no filter. Just pure sunshine and magic.

Where we stayed on the beach was one of the skinniest points of the island, so we could walk the width of the island in less than ten minutes, even pushing the double stroller. We could watch the sunrise over Camana Bay (which I’ll share more about in a minute) and watch it set from our private beach.

Seven Mile Beach is the busiest, most touristy part of the island. We would see multiple cruise ships port each morning. Our VRBO had a private beach area, but the rest of Seven Mile Beach was very busy on these days.

If you want a quieter pace, I’d recommend Rum Point.

It’s about a 45-minute drive (or 20-minute boat ride) from Seven Mile Beach and has a few nice restaurants and beaches. If we weren’t traveling with kids, I’d consider this area for a peaceful getaway. Rum Point is also right next to Starfish Point, another cool spot I’ll mention below.

However, if traveling with kids, most activities and restaurants are centered in the Seven Mile Beach area. If you stay in Rum Point, you will likely need to rent a car.

Where to Stay on Seven Mile Beach

There are a lot of hotels and short-term rentals in Seven Mile Beach. While we were there in February and March, some of the nightly hotel rates were as steep as $2,000 per night! If you’re traveling with a larger family or group, I recommend looking at short-term rentals for a better value.

We stayed at a friend’s VRBO at Laguna Del Mar, a centrally located condominium complex on Seven Mile Beach. The complex has a pool, gym, tennis courts, and epic grill setup. Some of our favorite nights involved grilling while the kids played in the pool and eating at the picnic tables before catching the sunset on the beach.

To say we loved our stay at Laguna Del Mar would be underselling it. It was paradise. We could walk across the street to dozens of restaurants, walk the pedestrian trail to Camana Bay and play in the splash pads, or walk along the beach for miles.

Our friend recently renovated his 3-bedroom unit at Laguna Del Mar, and you can rent it here on VRBO. Can’t recommend Andy’s place enough! We stay in a lot of Airbnb spots around the world, and hands down, this was our favorite stay…ever.

The Best Hotel in Grand Cayman

Based on more than 1,000 reviews, the Kimpton Seafire Resort is the #1 rated hotel in Grand Cayman. I can attest to the fact that the resort is absolutely beautiful.

We have stayed at multiple Kimpton hotels over the years, and when given a choice, they are our favorite hotels (mostly for the service, attention to detail, and amenities).

We heard the Kimpton Seafire Resort in Grand Cayman had a private waterpark, so we took the kids to play one day. During the offseason, they allow non-guests to purchase day passes. However, they just let us in for free as it was closing in 30 minutes (what did I tell you about Kimpton!?).

How much does the Kimpton Seafire Resort cost?

It depends on the season in which you’re visiting. Off-season for Grand Cayman starts around April, so you will find lower rates from then on. It was peak season when we visited during February, so a room costs as much as $2,000/night.

Shocking, yes. Still packed with people? Yes.

For a budget-friendly option, you can book the Holiday Inn on points for cheaper than you can book a hotel in Amarillo. (It was under 18,000 points per night!)

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Renting a Car In Grand Cayman

Depending on where you stay in Grand Cayman, you may or may not need a car rental. Seven Mile Beach is a very walkable area. However, you will need a vehicle if you want to visit places like Rum Point or the botanical gardens. We rented a few vehicles during our stay to go on day excursions.

We rented from Andy’s Rental Car, which has two locations in Grand Cayman (one at the airport and one at Seven Mile Beach). I felt the prices were reasonable and the staff were kind and fair. I would rent from them again if when we come back.

Other Transportation Options in Grand Cayman

If you don’t rent a car, you have a few other options for getting around in Grand Cayman. One option is to stand on the side of the road and hail a bus. They run up and down Seven Mile Beach and will stop and pick you up. Each ride is a few bucks in cash and it’s definitely the cheapest option for getting around.

I say stand on the side of the road because there aren’t very clear bus stops, but you can flag down the bus easily. They aren’t traditional buses, but large vans that are clearly labeled.

There are also plenty of cabs around the island you can call. You will see them driving around and can flag one down as well.

Lastly, there is a water taxi service that departs from Camana Bay that you can take over to Rum Point. You can view their departure times and fares here.

Best Things to Do in Grand Cayman with Kids

1. Visit Camana Bay

On paper, Camana Bay is an outdoor shopping area boasting al fresco restaurants and waterfront dining. But it’s so much more. There are shops, Foster’s (think Whole Foods, but island style), a marina where tours and boat rentals take off through the mangroves, and endless water features. No playgrounds were walkable from our VRBO, but Camana Bay has two splash pads our kids lived in all month!

We walked over here shortly after arriving, and we were blown away.

It felt like a little paradise tucked away on the island. The first thing I noticed was how many families with young kids there were. They were everywhere. As we’d learn, many of these families live here as expats (but many visit too).

The pedestrian walkway goes over the busy main road so you walk through a gorgeous garden to enter Camana Bay.

We ended up in Camana Bay every single day for a few reasons:

1. The splash pads. The kids loved these and they are shaded most of the day. During warmer days, it was a great area to hang out for a while. Grab coffee from Jessie’s Juice Bar Cafe (or Starbucks if you’re basic…like me…it’s right next to the splash pad, what can I say?)

2. It was a beautiful walk to start our days.

Instead of simply making an overpass to Camana Bay, they constructed an entire jungle. You’ll see wild parrots, chickens, lizards, iguanas, and all sorts of wildlife just on your walk over the bridge. We made this part of our morning ritual.

3. Grocery shopping.

There’s a handful of grocery stores near Seven Mile Beach, but we frequented Fosters. Fosters is basically like a Whole Foods on the island. It is very nice and expensive. Cayman in general is expensive, but $10 for a bagged salad blew our minds.

However, their prepared food section is great and one of the cheapest ways to grab a meal in Grand Cayman! We would grab a barbequed chicken, freshly grilled burgers, roast veggies, salad bar (way cheaper than buying a bag), curries, and more.

4. Great restaurant selection

Our favorite spot was called Agua. Their dessert was incredible, and they had a great atmosphere for eating out next to the water.

Agua and many of the other restaurants were very nice, but since seating is offered outdoors, they were kid-friendly, too. Casual clothing like a sundress and sandals would be fine. We tried most of the restaurants along the waterfront, and Gelato & Co. also offers amazing desserts.

(I mean, we tried real food, too…but the dessert game is STRONG over here!)

5. “The Island”

The Cayman Islands are made up of three primary islands: Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. Grand Cayman is the most popular one with tourists, but another island is popular with locals. It’s the small, clearly manmade sand island in Camana Bay.

Playing on the little island

Connected by a bridge, this little island was a kid-friendly paradise. Every day, the local Montessori school would let out, and all of the kids would play on the island while their mothers chatted.

Ellie would love to go during this time to make new friends and play hide and seek or catch the crab or whatever the girls were playing.

2. Go to Starfish Point

This is on most lists of “things to do in Grand Cayman” for good reason. We took a few trips to Starfish Point because the kids liked it so much. It’s a really shallow beach area where you can see tons of starfish in the water and touch them (though it’s important to never take them out of water). The water is generally calm, but since it’s on a point, you can escape any wind by walking to the other side.

You’ll see lots of tour boats come out to this point and on busy days, a food boat (like a food truck, but a boat) will setup too. It’s a great little spot to spend the day.

Starfish Point is almost an hour’s drive from the Seven Mile Beach area but a very pretty and easy drive to make.

Pro tip: A fresh fruit and juice stand is on the drive. I highly recommend grabbing some fresh mango pineapple juice and banana bread!

After hanging out at Starfish Point, you can drive to Rum Point for lunch. It’s too far to walk, but you could bike.

There’s a beachfront restaurant and bar with a shallow water area for kids to play in. We ate here several times and had great meals (Minus the one time we ordered ceviche and got food poisoning. Steer clear of the ceviche. Order the Colada Colada instead).


3. Spend a Day at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

Botanical parks may be hit or miss with kids, but we visited this one twice. It’s a little pricey, and you’ll need a car to get there. Otherwise, we would’ve visited more!

The flowers and trees were beautiful, and an incredible playground and splash pad were inside for kids. Plus, there is an entire sanctuary area for the large blue iguanas.

Walking around, you can see parrots flying and iguanas in the paths. I would budget for around a half-day visit to the Botanic Park during a stay in Grand Cayman.

It cost us 60 Cayman Dollars for two adults, a four-year-old and a two-year-old (the youngest was free). They playground was a highlight for the kids. It was mostly shaded and included this four-story platform with swings and seating so you can climb to the top and see panoramic views of the island.

The garden is “divided” into multiple different gardens The Floral Colour Garden was my favorite. There’s also hiking trails to get from one side of the gardens to the iguana sanctuary.

We love to visit botanical gardens in every country we visit and this was one of the best ones for the family. There’s no food inside the garden (at least it wasn’t open when we visited) but you can bring in your own food. Just watch out for iguanas who WILL steal your food or bite you to get it.

4. Explore the Cayman Turtle Centre

The Turtle Centre has been a staple in Grand Cayman for decades. It’s a popular excursion when cruise ships arrive in port, and for good reason. It’s a great place to spend a day exploring and walking around. Snorkeling in the park (along with a couple of water slides) is also available if your kids are a bit older or good are swimmers.

We spent 3-4 hours walking around, checking out the turtles (even petting some) before leaving. Our two-year-old’s highlight was seeing them feed the nurse sharks on site. It’s a great spot for a day trip with kids.

The biggest surprise of the turtle centre was the food. The jerk chicken meal was:

  1. Big enough for the four of us to split. Amazing value.
  2. The BEST jerk chicken on the island. My wife wanted to go back just to eat that chicken again. 10/10.

5. Beach Hop

One thing I loved about Grand Cayman was how easy it was to find isolated areas of beaches without large crowds. Starfish Point and Seven Mile Beach typically have crowds, but we also found it easy to escape and find a secluded spot.

One of our favorite beaches was called Spotts Beach. It’s a great spot for snorkeling and seeing sea turtles. Both times we visited Spotts, it wasn’t very crowded, and we had much of the beach to ourselves. Going early in the morning is a great time for spotting sea turtles. If you have the gear to snorkel, it’s possible to spot octopus, sea turtles, and more.

Another great beach area is “Public Beach,” which is over by Kimpton Sea Fire Hotel. There are a couple of nice playgrounds to hang out at over here, right along the beachfront.

For snorkeling and a secluded beach, try Smith’s Beach or Smith Barcadere. The beach is small and quiet with plenty of shade trees around. There are large rock formations you can climb on to look into the bright blue waters. This beach is very close to George Town, where the cruise ships port.

6. Pet Sting Rays at Sting Ray City

I know what you’re thinking; I’m good, Heath. No need to pet a stingray.

what to do in grand cayman with kids

However, there’s a series of shallow sandbars off the coast of Grand Cayman where you can comfortably pet and experience the stingrays. I was apprehensive about a four- and two-year-old. Was it safe? Would they care? After reading a bunch of reviews on Trip Advisor, we opted to give it a try.

As it turns out, the stingrays there are incredibly docile. The tour guides have names for each stingray as they see them daily. They’ll even let you hold them.

Our four-year-old was terrified and did not want to get into the water, but it was still a fun trip for the adults while the kids hung out in the boat. This area gets crowded while cruise ships are in port, so I recommend checking the cruise ship schedule for a day when there aren’t as many boats.

My wife noted that the water is often considered 3-4 feet deep, depending on conditions. It was windy the morning we visited, and she put on a life jacket since the waves would go over her head. (She’s 5’2″)

7. Listen to Live Music at Peppers Restaurant

One of our kids’ highlights was listening to music at Pepper’s Restaurant on Wednesday nights. They’ll have a band set up and play cool island music. The kids dance and have a good time, and the food is great. We ended up coming back to Pepper’s on several occasions.

Honorable Mention

When my family visited us, we rented a large SUV and drove the entire island perimeter. We found a shipwreck, saw the Blow Holes, ate at Tukka (which was amazing, but there’s one nearer to Seven Mile Beach too), and saw the undeveloped side of the island. We wanted to visit the Parrot Sanctuary, but it was closed the one day we made it to the far side of the island! It was a great day, but not the most kid-friendly and involved a lot of being in the car.

Is Grand Cayman Worth Visiting?

If you haven’t already realized it from this post, we loved Grand Cayman. Not only would I go back, but I’ve been actively pitching Alyssa to move there since we left.

If it wasn’t the #1 most expensive place to live in the world, we may actually consider it. If you’re on the fence about visiting Grand Cayman, you should book a trip to this incredible island.

I’m happy to answer any questions below regarding planning a trip to Grand Cayman. Just drop a comment.

FAQs on Visiting Grand Cayman

What is the best area of Grand Cayman to stay in?

Seven Mile Beach is by far the most popular area to stay in when visiting Grand Cayman. It has a high density of restaurants and activities and a beautiful beachfront.

How expensive is Grand Cayman?

Grand Cayman is ranked as the #1 most expensive place to live in the entire world, according to Expatistan. While we were there, paying $100 for a meal for two people was not uncommon. The groceries and meals at restaurants will definitely give you sticker shock once you arrive. One Cayman dollar is $1.25 USD, so your credit card bill will feel the currency exchange!

What is the best time to visit Grand Cayman?

The best time to visit Grand Cayman for weather reasons is from December through February. The weather is pleasant and consistent. However, if you go later in the shoulder season (April-May), it will be less crowded with tourists, and rates are cheaper.

Are US dollars accepted in Grand Cayman?

Yes, we could pay in USD or a credit card for every restaurant and store we visited. Most items are marked in Cayman Islands Dollars, but there is no problem with using a credit card.

Can I drink the water in Grand Cayman?

The water is safe to drink in Grand Cayman, provided by desalinated seawater made on the island.

Is Grand Cayman safe?

Grand Cayman is very safe. Not once did we ever feel in a not safe environment. Our kids could run around freely and be kids during our entire stay.

What language is spoken in Grand Cayman?

English. Grand Cayman is a British Territory so the official language is English, the primary language everyone on the island speaks.

What to do in Grand Cayman With Kids

Grand Cayman is perfect for young families. We often feel like restaurants or stores are annoyed when we walk in with young kids, but we always felt welcome in Cayman. Even when our daughter spilled her entire drink all over the floor at a restaurant, the staff was so kind and helpful. If you’re looking for a tropical vacation with young children, I cannot recommend Cayman enough!

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