You haven’t heard from us since last year… (big news!)

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You haven’t heard from Heath or me since last year. (Are we too late into January for cheesy new year’s jokes? I hope not.)

Since it’s been so long since we’ve written you, I thought we should reintroduce ourselves real quick.

We’re Heath & Alyssa. We started traveling full-time right after our wedding in 2014 and spent years running our own businesses on the road so we could travel indefinitely. Heath started the RV Entrepreneur Podcast while we traveled so we could meet other people—like you—who want to travel the country long before retirement.

After visiting all fifty states and RVing on three continents, we pumped the brakes last year to live in Colorado where we bought a property to build a campground.

(You can look forward to the story behind why I have a screenshot of our security camera with the Sheriff at our property next week 😬🙊)

And now we’re a family of four, still traveling as often as we can:

You have to be a special level of crazy to travel to Disney World at Christmas with a newborn baby and a toddler, but it was a blast 🏰♥️

Here on our blog, this year you can expect to hear more about the realities of building a campground, stories of adventures as we part-time travel with our family, and resources for travelers running a business on the road.

A lot has happened since you heard from us last.

But maybe the biggest news is that the county approved the building plans for our campground!

You may remember that we initially had a really easy time filing for zoning and permitting for our property…

Until out of nowhere the county created a new zone for RV parks and pushed back our hearing a month.

Right before Christmas, Heath drove out to the county offices for our hearing. He listened patiently to the property owner before us answer questions about his septic tank plans for over an hour.

Heath started to sweat.

This was the second hearing for this property owner to attend and his plans didn’t get approved.

If we want to open this summer, we don’t have time to wait another month or two to get approved.

Finally it was Heath’s turn. He shared our plans and the board asked two questions:

  • What are your designated quiet hours?
  • What is the maximum number of guests at the park?

And they approved us.

Relieved, Heath joked, “I was worried y’all were going to ask me questions about poop for an hour.”

Everyone laughed.

And now we’re onto the next stage of the building process: financing.

(Which so far is even less fun and more complex than the zoning process, but I’ll share more on that in a few weeks once we have things finalized!)

So far it looks like 2022 is going to be full of big projects for us, like breaking ground and opening our campground. But we have some wild travel plans for this year too that should take our family of four allllll over the world! 🙂

Thanks for following along with our increasingly crazy plans. We love getting to share this journey with you!