Turning a Hobby into a Career

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written from a university parking lot in Portland, where we are parking our RV for the night

I used to blog as a hobby. I was too scared to admit it could be anything more. I did my best to write before work most days, but if I didn’t publish anything it was no big deal. In the recent months I began taking it much more seriously, it’s no longer just a hobby. I committed to writing a post on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If I don’t execute on that promise to myself and my readers, I’ve failed.

My blog now revolves around what I’m learning on the road through travel and working hourly jobs. I’m learning a great deal about entrepreneurship and what it really means to work for a living. I’m even writing an ebook called “Build Something” , which is a guide I’ve written to help other young creatives build projects and create opportunities for themselves in the process. My blog is no longer a hobby, it has become a mission. I have a clear purpose. It’s different than writing just to write.

It’s not yet a career. I’m still figuring out how to do this writing gig full time (financially). It’s a process certainly, but I’m on my way.

What pushed me into turning my blog into something more than a hobby was ultimately quitting my job. If I hadn’t taken the initiative to leave and go out on the ledge, this would have never happened. I would have most likely spent the next couple years inside of a subpar job, thinking about taking my blog seriously but not actually doing it.

What hobbies are you wanting to turn into a career or mission?


photocred: Jameswheadrick.com