The past few years we’ve been able to share our work on some really awesome media outlets. You can check out some of the stories below.

Like most college graduates, Heath Padgett and his wife Alyssa spend their time online, looking for jobs and answering emails. But how and where they find work, makes their story quite the unusual one. Watch CBS’s video story.

Most important, they have connected with millions of Americans as they share their stories on their blogs each week. Read full story here.

Heath is working a differently hourly job in each state to highlight the stories of the amazing people they’ve met throughout the country. Read full story on Yahoo!.

This man is making the ultimate exploration into part-time America. Read full story on Business Insider.

This Texas pair have shunned tradition of luxury and will instead spend seven months living out of an RV visiting every American state. Read the rest of the story on Daily Mail.

The Texas natives wanted to get a better sense of their purposes in life, and to embark on a venture that would lead to a great story. Read full story on Boston Globe.


As writer, film-maker and perpetual job-seeker Heath Padgett found out when he quit his software sales job and traveled the country in an RV, working a different job in each state, we really are only as good as our hearts and minds. Read full story on Forbes.

Thirteen thousand miles and 21 jobs later, they landed in Indianapolis for hourly job No. 22: brewing beer. Snagajob hooked them up with Fountain Square Brewing Co. where Heath on Thursday learned the science behind brewing beer and how to fill kegs. Read the beer story here.

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