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Hey! Welcome to our blog! We’re Heath and Alyssa Padgett, two full-time RVers traveling across America as we build our lives, marriage, and business on the road.

We teach people how to build a business so that they can travel full-time through our blog, podcast, and books.

Our Story:

In 2014 we quit our jobs, bought an old RV and went on a year-long road trip across America where Heath worked a job in all 50 states for a documentary we were filming.

After a year of living and traveling in an RV, we realized this lifestyle was awesome and we didn’t want to give it up. But we had student debt and very little experience in running a remote business. We started a consulting business, and then a video production business, and then a software business all from our RV as we figured out what we were good at and what type of business we wanted to run on the road.

Fast forward, and now we’ve paid off all our student debt, run three profitable businesses on the road, and still travel full-time in an RV. We even ran our business abroad while we RVed in New Zealand!

Along the way we’ve shared our journey here on the blog, through our Hourly America documentary, a weekly podcast, and our Youtube channel.

Team Padgett


I’m the crazy dreamer of the family. I have slightly ridiculous ideas and Alyssa helps bring me down to Earth to execute on them.

I drive our RV and eat way too much Mexican food (when possible). Every week I interview nomadic entrepreneurs on The RV Entrepreneur podcast and last year I co-founded, an online reservation tool for campgrounds.


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I’m Alyssa! I wrote a best-selling book on how to start RVing full-time called A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV. But mostly I run all of our video production, including our Youtube channel. I’m also the one who plots out our travel routes and researches beautiful places to visit. I don’t function without coffee, but who does?

You can find me on: Instagram, Youtube, & Pinterest

renting RV on outdoorsy


She’s beautiful, isn’t she? Red and white on the outside, blue on the inside (hence the name). We picked up our Winnebago Brave 31C motorhome in 2015. We fell in love with this retro version of the iconic Winnebago Brave and have already put close to 20k miles on it.

Longer Version of Our Story

Written by Heath

During the early part of 2014 Alyssa and I came to the realization that our time in Texas was coming to an end. Summers were blistering hot, we didn’t love our post-college office jobs, and desperately wanted to get out and travel.


Naturally, we decided the solution was to buy an old motorhome off Craigslist, renovate it, and scheme up a 50 state road trip for our honeymoon. Our goal(s): Find a new place to live, enjoy our honeymoon, and do more creative work like film/writing.

I had no idea how much I’d geek out over the whole RV thing. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Our home had WHEELS!

Four days after our wedding, we packed up everything we owned and hit the road in a 1994 Class C motorhome named Franklin.

We renovated the mess out of our RV and it officially became our first “wheel home”, as our niece lovingly called it (check out our renovation here).

The remodel of our RV

During our first year on the road, we came up with a project called Hourly America, where I would try to find a job in all 50 states. This way, I could experiment with other jobs while I took a break from software sales & earn some extra money on the road.

In a stroke of luck before we hit the road, I sent a cold email to an online job board who agreed to sponsor part of our road trip and help me find jobs across the country (the company’s name was Snagajob, below was a photo from our visit to their HQ in Virginia).

happy campers
When we gave Snagajob’s company a tour of our RV. Pretty sure we broke some fire code violations.

And even though we had zero experience in video production or sponsorships, they sent over a couple cameras for us to turn Hourly America into a documentary. Alyssa picked up the camera, watched Youtube tutorials, and learned the basics of video production.

Alyssa filming while on the Pacific Coast Highway

During our first year on the road, we explored the lower 48 states in Franklin, fell in love with the RV lifestyle, and made a ton of new & nomadic friends. Plus, we also decided that we never wanted to work in an office again.

During Hourly America I did everything from flipping pizzas at Domino’s to being a zombie at Six Flags during fright fest and working on random dairy farms. Below you can watch our documentary.

It was the most random year of work in my life and we had a blast out on the road. I didn’t get paid for any of these jobs and I worked one day in each position. Our goal was to document how different hourly workers found meaning in their jobs.

In 2015 we knocked off Hawaii and Alaska and crossed the finish line of Hourly America. My job in Hawaii was with a tour guide service and my job in Alaska was with the National Park Service (by far my most epic job ever).

After finishing up Hourly America, we knew going back to a 9-5 job wouldn’t cut it. We didn’t want to give up traveling.

We used our new video skills to start freelancing for entrepreneurs, authors, and anyone who would hire us. Over the course of the year, we hustled to pay off over $14,000 of student debt while living in our RV and scaled up our income so we could continue traveling.

paying off student debt

In 2016 we traded in Franklin for a newer/more spacious Winnebago Brave, giving us more workspace and a bit more dependability on the road.

2016 Winnebago Brave 31C

2016 was also the year we finished editing our Hourly America documentary and premiered it in Austin and Portland at the World Domination Summit  (yes, it was awkward watching yourself on a big screen in front of strangers).

Now, our time is split between travel and work on the road. We spend most days editing videos in the RV, recording new podcast episodes, managing our Facebook group for RVers, and working on my software start up —

heath padgett podcast 2017

Or… exploring a beautiful national park. This past summer we ventured up to Banff National Park in Canada and finally got to see Lake Louise in person! One of the most beautiful places we’ve been so far.

heath and alyssa padgett

Here on our blog, we document our travels, but mostly, we provide resources on how others can make this lifestyle possible. We aren’t self-help/travel gurus and never will try to be, but just want to share this awesome lifestyle with others.

kayaking in the tetons
Kayaking in the Tetons on our inflatable Challenger Kayaks.

The biggest obstacle we had during our first couple years of travel was spending less and making more money, so we’ve published a lot of blog posts on these subjects that you can find here.

We also created a Facebook group called Make Money & RV where you can connect with other travelers and ask questions about generating income while on the road.

pecan park riverside san marcos texas
We recently met up with a group of people who we met through our Facebook group, all staying at the same campground!

This community has been huge in helping us make new friends & toss around ideas while we continued to find new ways to make this lifestyle possible.

Each week, I also sit down for a 45-60 minute interview with nomadic entrepreneurs to interview them on how they’ve built a business around their RV lifestyle.

You can listen to that collection on interviews here on The RV Entrepreneur podcast.

If you want to stick around and read some more of the blog or join our community, I’ve outlined a few ways below where you can connect with us and our nomadic community.

It’s awesome to meet you and hope to see you out on the road one day!

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With over 11,000 members to date, this Facebook group has become an awesome resource where you can ask questions about the RV lifestyle & make new friends. Plus, it’s a safe community where you don’t have to feel crazy about wanting to live & travel full-time in an RV.

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This is a free 7-day email course we created to help you get started traveling without breaking the bank. It’s everything we learned about traveling cheap during our first year on the road.

Camping in Crater Lake National Park

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