Three white motorhomes parked next to each other in a grassy campsite.
A Brief Guide to Renting an RV in Europe

After RVing to all 50 states, I set my sights on RVing across the world. First stop: renting an RV in Europe. I had no idea which countries even had RVs, let alone what they called RVs in different languages. … Read More

2023 Year End Review

In what has become a tradition, I am sharing my year-end review (a week late albeit). For a decade Alyssa and I have sat down at the end of a year to recap the highs and lows.  As a practice, … Read More

Q3 Business Update: I know, I’m behind!

It’s been a while since we’ve done our “monthly” business updates. I’m honestly surprised we made it so many months in a row sharing these updates before we dropped off! You can blame the fact that we had an amazing … Read More

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