Our Video Gear | How We Film Our Travel Vlogs

After four years of filming and running our production company, Heath and I have only really started actively creating Youtube videos this year. We made a few videos in 2017, but this year we decided to go all in filming our … Read More

5 Strategies for Launching Your Book (5/5)

Note: If your book is available in cookie form, more people will want to eat it. I mean, buy it. You’ve spent months creating your product—now it’s time to launch. And I’m not talking about sending one email where you … Read More

Our Six Favorite RV Gadgets Right Now

To be completely honest, this post is inspired by a recent Amazon shopping spree where Heath and I ended up ordering a few totally awesome upgrades to our Winnebago. So today I’m sharing all our favorite RV gadgets that we … Read More

RVing through the redwoods in California
How to Find RV Parks and Campgrounds

Heath and I have a bit of experience in how to find RV parks after full-timing across America for the past four years. At first, it was all trial and error. At our second RV park, we stopped at a cheap … Read More

Five Things You Must Do in Fiordland National Park

You’ve probably never heard of Fiordland National Park, unless you’re planning a trip across New Zealand. Heath and I have visited dozens of national parks across the globe, but Fiordland is my favorite. It’s staggeringly beautiful and there is so … Read More

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