RVing with a Toddler: The Ups & the Downs

This week is the RV Family Virtual Summit—an online conference where traveling parents share their best tips and info on what it’s like to travel with kiddos. I’ll be live Wednesday, May 12 at noon MT talking about the costs … Read More

RVE 227: Theresé Teaches Yoga for RVers

Theresé’s corporate job was stressing her out. Between working full time and teaching fitness on the side, her schedule was packed. And when her doctor recommended yoga to help her de-stress, Theresé was adamantly against it. She hated her first class. … Read More

Class c vs class a motorhome
RVE 220: CPA Advice to 3 Common RV Tax Questions

Today’s episode is sponsored by ID Plans (and it’s actually less of a sponsorship than it is an opportunity). ID Plans is a software and service company based in Tampa Florida that provides solutions for property managers.  Over the past 20 … Read More

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