chamonix france with kids
Camping and Things to Do in Chamonix, France

I first heard of Chamonix on Instagram and let me just say: even Instagram doesn’t do it justice. This small town in the Alps packs a punch. There are endless outdoor activities and panoramic views everywhere you go. You know … Read More

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Since 2014, we’ve shared our experiences building a business while traveling the world. On our blog and in our newsletter, we’ve established an audience of fellow entrepreneurs dreaming of travel. We write about how to build and scale a mobile … Read More

We bought a business!

Alyssa and I did something pretty big last week. We bought a business! I’d really like to emphasize the WE. As the token crazy idea person in our relationship, I pitch Alyssa on a lot of businesses we should buy, … Read More

Crossing the France-Switzerland Border In Your RV

Crossing borders in your RV can be stressful and involve days of preparation while you gather your passport, insurance, vaccine records for pets, and visas. We’ve never had a simple border crossing in our home on wheels. During our last … Read More

What It’s Like RVing in France

France is known as one of the most camper-friendly countries in Europe. But what is it like RVing in France? This blog will share some of the top things you’ll need to know before you hop in your motorhome. Watch … Read More

We sold everything to travel (new video series)

Our first new video series in 3 years is going live today. (Yay for getting to RV internationally again!) You can watch the first video on Youtube.​ ​The vlog series continues with our theme of international RV travel. We spent 30 … Read More

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