whats next for heath and alyssa
What’s next?

So last month we bought a house. It’s huge. I mean life-decision-wise it’s huge. It’s just a normal house in an exceptionally beautiful part of Colorado. We are no longer full-time RVers. Which means I feel EXTRA pressure to deliver … Read More

heath padgett smiling with ellie

We bought a house. Like a real house, not a home on wheels. After six amazing years of travel and RV adventures, Heath and I now have our first ever permanent address here in southwestern Colorado. ​ We said back … Read More

The case for doing the things you love

Have you seen the movie Chef? It stars Jon Favreau as he takes his son across the country with his food truck. I loved the movie, so when Netflix came out with The Chef Show last year, I had to … Read More

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