We sold everything to travel (new video series)

Our first new video series in 3 years is going live today. (Yay for getting to RV internationally again!) You can watch the first video on Youtube.​ ​The vlog series continues with our theme of international RV travel. We spent 30 … Read More

6 Ways to Travel Intentionally with Kids

What does it mean to travel intentionally? Heath and I have always set travel goals for ourselves—visit all 50 states, RV in Europe, camp on the beach. Those goals have helped guide us as we’ve planned our travels so we … Read More

How We Set Travel Goals (& our next big one!)

When Heath and I first started traveling, we set a very clear goal: Visit all 50 states in a year for our honeymoon. It was crazy specific—down to the time frame—but that’s what helped us make it happen. (Okay “technically” … Read More

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