heath kayaking in maine
The Number One Mistake New Travelers Make

In an interview last week, someone asked me, “What is the number one mistake I see new travelers make?” It’s an easy question for me to answer because I definitely learned this lesson from experience. (There are other mistakes we’ve also learned … Read More

Most Common RV Tax Questions and Expert Answers

With the end of the year comes the stress of the holidays and wrapping up all your business finances. Exactly the kind of the thing you want to stress over as you’re celebrating Christmas, right? Today’s interview is designed to … Read More

What Campgrounds in Italy Are Like

An Italianio campeggio is not unlike an American RV resort. They are massive, clean, and offer your basic amenities like electricity bathhouses, dump stations, shade trees, etc. But where Italian campgrounds really excel is in their culture. Europeans are known for … Read More

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