What to Do in Grand Cayman with Kids

If you’d asked me a few months ago what I knew about Grand Cayman, the answer would be… that it is an island in the Caribbean maybe? This and the fact that “offshore accounts in the Caymans” are something people … Read More

Road Trip Europe with This 30-Day Itinerary

For years, we dreamed of taking an epic road trip across Europe in a motorhome. Finally, with our three-year-old and infant in tow, we rented a motorhome for a month to kick off the adventure! We saw mountains, oceans, and … Read More

What does it cost to motorhome in France?

One of the most common reasons people don’t travel is the high costs. The cost to motorhome in France is often comparable to staying in hotels or even Airbnbs, with the added bonus that you can get away from the … Read More

Three white motorhomes parked next to each other in a grassy campsite.
A Brief Guide to Renting an RV in Europe

After RVing to all 50 states, I set my sights on RVing across the world. First stop: renting an RV in Europe. I had no idea which countries even had RVs, let alone what they called RVs in different languages. … Read More

2023 Year End Review

In what has become a tradition, I am sharing my year-end review (a week late albeit). For a decade Alyssa and I have sat down at the end of a year to recap the highs and lows.  As a practice, … Read More

Q3 Business Update: I know, I’m behind!

It’s been a while since we’ve done our “monthly” business updates. I’m honestly surprised we made it so many months in a row sharing these updates before we dropped off! You can blame the fact that we had an amazing … Read More

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