A New Kind of Campground There’s a need for a better hospitality experience at campgrounds. We’ve stayed in so many campgrounds and RV parks across North America and most of the time we feel incredibly underwhelmed at the facilities and experience … Read More

map of iowa travels
We’re traveling again (not what you think)

Yep, we started traveling again. But it isn’t what you think. I’ll get back to that in a second. Our whole lives for the past six years have been about travel. Visiting all fifty states. Re-visiting 45 states and dreaming … Read More

Large TV in our RV
Our Top 10 Favorite Meals to Cook in the RV

There’s only one meal I can think of that I can’t cook in an RV that I can cook in a house: Thanksgiving Turkey. Our home on wheels has an oven, three-burner stove, microwave, fridge, ice maker. And sure, the … Read More

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