France Motorhome Hire: Full Van Tour of Anywhere Campers Campervan Rental

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Hiring a motorhome is a great way to tour France (or any country, if you ask us!). European campervans are a little different than RVs in the States, so let’s start with a full tour and I’ll share more details below!


France Motorhome Hire: Campervan Specs

Length: 7.4 M (24 feet)
Height: 2.8 M (9 feet)
Width: 2.35 M (7 feet 9 inches)
Weight: 3.5 tons
Grey Tank Capacity: 85L (22.5 gallons)
Fresh Water Capacity: 140L (37 gallons)

Living Room

Welcome to our living room/dining room/car seat storage area!

There really isn’t a living room on an RV this small, but it is where we spent most of our time. While driving, Ellie and Eli’s car seats—both of which we rented from Anywhere Campers—were harnessed into the bench seat. Once we were parked, we removed Eli’s car seat and used Ellie’s as Eli’s high chair. In such a small space, it felt really crowded leaving them both in!

The captains chairs in the cab swiveled so the four of us could comfortably sit at the table for meals. The table even has an extension that slides out, giving us plenty of room to eat.

This living area is also where we stored most things. The cabinets were packed with food and snacks, and the overhead shelves were often filled with paperwork and jackets. There were multiple hidden cabinets where we stored water bottles and cleaning supplies. And if you look closely at the video above, you might see the tiny shelves next to the door where Ellie kept her markers and we kept our keys.

The trash can is mounted on the door, a built-in feature giving you a place to store your trash. Hands down, this is the worst part of the RV. We’ve had trash cans like this on multiple rental RVs now and they are always too small at the opening. If you can pull the trash bag out without ripping it, you are a magician. Just something to be aware of before you overfill your bag!


The kitchen includes a small sink, three burner stove, and a refrigerator. We cooked many meals in this kitchen—usually using the table to chop vegetables since there was little open counter space. It’s definitely cozy, but has everything you need for whipping up fast meals on the road.

The kitchen came equipped with silverware, utensils, plates, etc. The only thing it was missing was wine glasses. We picked some plastic ones up in Champagne so we could semi-properly enjoy the spoils of France.


The onboard bathroom is separated into a shower and a small closed-off room with your toilet and sink. An accordion-style door comes out on the bedroom side of the shower and the bathroom door magnetically stays open so you can connect the bathroom and the shower. This is especially important when you’re showering and need privacy, but we mostly used it so we could access the bathroom and create a second bedroom while the baby was sleeping!

motorhome shower europe
Even with the doors, you may have no privacy while showering.

The most important feature of the bathroom is easily the toilet. Abroad, you’ll most often see cassette toilets. Unlike in the States where you dump your waste all in the same septic tank, abroad you’ll remove your toilet tank, roll it over to a chemical toilet for RV cassettes, and manually dump it out. This is a much more intimate process than dumping your black tank!

Your sink and shower drain to the grey tank, which you can dump at campgrounds or aires.

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One major perk to this bathroom is the storage. The sliding mirror door on the medicine cabinet reveals a huge storage area, plus there’s a shelf for toilet paper and a cabinet under the sink. We always had plenty of room! (I didn’t even notice until watching this video that we had another shelf above the sink that we never even used!)


The bedroom is a rear-twin floorplan with an extension to make it into a “king-sized” bed. There’s an awkward gap in the middle foot of the bed, so it isn’t a full king-size bed, but it could fit me plus our two kids easily. The gap is there so you can use the stairs to climb up and down out of the bed.

Under the beds are massive closets that are great for hide and seek and/or forts. (Also for storing shoes and clothes, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

There’s also plenty of storage above the bed for folded clothes, and thin shelves lining the walls where we stored cords for charging devices. The shelf is the perfect width to stick your phone when you go to sleep!

There are two USB ports that run on an inverter so you can charge small devices overnight as well. There’s no generator or solar onboard, so this little bit of power is the only charging electricity you’ll be able to use when you’re boondocking.

The Cab

The cab of this class C motorhome is similar to the cab of any large vehicle. But Anywhere Campers does provide both a GPS (which we didn’t use) and mounts for phones so you can navigate while driving.

We spent a lot of time in those chairs and it was surprisingly comfortable. There are pockets and bins for storing things too, like the neon vest they give you in case you break down and our France Passion book to help us find motorhome stopovers.

The cab windows all have magnetic shades that close to give you privacy and darkness at night. Petty crime like theft is common in southern Europe (especially Spain) so we kept these shades drawn any time we were parked.

Unique Features

I’ll admit I stole this idea from Instagram, but this RV features in-floor storage. We turned ours into a toy box to store all the kids’ toys.

One other unique feature of this RV is the “gear garage” storage area. This massive storage area is filled with a table, chairs, two bikes, plus our suitcases. There are also hoses, wheel chocks, and a toolbox somewhere in there. It’s incredibly spacious and we even fit our huge double stroller back there. Now that I’m listing it all out, I’m kind of shocked at how much fit in this garage.

This is a major perk to this RV, especially when you’re traveling with bulky items like us.

Anywhere Campers Motorhome Hire

This is our second time renting from Anywhere Campers and the RVs have been almost identical. They replace the units every few years and it looks like they choose the same models annually. (They do have a larger floorplan available that we wanted, but it wasn’t available on our dates!)

Would you consider a motorhome hire in France? Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

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  • I would be interested in the cost of your RV trip in Europe. The RV itself, fuel, campground cost, etc.

    • I’m working on that one right now! Gotta go through all my credit card statements to get the right prices in USD! 🙂

  • Hello fellow travelers.
    I really enjoyed the video tour of the RV.
    As with Phyllis, I would also love actual cost breakdowns if possible. My niece and her family live in Galway, and I am entertaining the thought of renting an RV in Ireland.
    Having driven there extensively in the past, I am concerned about some of the very narrow roads. Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated.

    • I hope to share all of that soon! We are actually planning to RV from Dublin to London this summer, July-August, so we will be sure to share everything you’ll need to know before you go! 🙂

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