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Our Top Resources

get paid on the road rv entrepreneur

A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV

A guide for anyone who wants to start RVing full-time.

The RV Entrepreneur

A book about how to build a business from anywhere.

The RV Entrepreneur Podcast

A weekly podcast about nomadic entrepreneurs.


The Tools We Use to Run Our Business


G Suite

The first thing you’ll need once you start your business is a website (free course on how to do that here!).

And second an email address. That’s where G Suite comes in. We use Gmail, Google Drive, and basically every Google app there is because it’s the absolute best option for small business owners. You can learn more about G Suite and how it works here.

And if you want to get really crazy, use our promo code to get 20% off your basic plan:




Last year I switched from Mailchimp to ConvertKit for my email marketing provider and haven’t looked back. It’s an incredible email marketing service that caters towards professional bloggers (meaning people who make money from their blog). I wrote a more in-depth post on why bloggers should be using ConvertKit here.



Bluehost is essential for anyone who is starting up a blog. We’ve used Bluehost to set up all of our blogs. They make it insanely easy to launch a new WordPress site and you can sign up for $3.45/month.

Everyone who starts a blog has to host it somewhere and Bluehost is the best place to start!

You can click here to grab an account with them for $3.45/month. (Overwhelmed with starting your blog? Take our free course!

Pressbooks Partner Badge

To get a 25% discount on Pressbooks exports, just go to the Pressbooks Upgrade page and enter this code at checkout: RVE.


Last year, I wrote and launched my first book on Amazon. It was a huge learning curve and the hardest part was learning how to format the book. A friend recommended Pressbooks and OMG. Game changer. It looks just like WordPress so it’s easy to learn and you only need to click one button to your ebook formatted in every possible format you could need. It saved me so much stress and confusion AND it’s only $20 for your ebook.

Write your first book with Pressbooks (and get 25% off using our RVE discount code!) here.


Most of our client work to date has been filming and launching courses for clients. With every launch, we use Teachable for quite a few reasons. It is incredibly easy to use and set up your course; they have a sleek, easy to modify design, AND they offer built-in affiliate programs.

Create your own course with Teachable here.


freshbooks affiliate

FreshBooks Account Software

Raise your hand if numbers and records and spreadsheets are the WORST part of running your business!

You should spend more time on the parts of the business you love, not the boring stuff. That’s why we recommend FreshBooks for making accounting a million times easier!

Learn more about FreshBooks here


We use Gleam to run giveaways for our audience. Giveaways are a great way to get more social media followers and give back to your audience.

Run a giveaway with Gleam.

Amazon Prime

There is no reason to not join Amazon Prime and about a million reasons why you should.

In addition to free books, tv shows, movies, and a dozen other benefits, two-day shipping is huge for RVers. We use this constantly on the road. It’s the easiest, cheapest way to get packages while traveling and it pays for itself year after year.

Join Amazon Prime here

Help Scout

Customer support can make or break a new business. We use Help Scout to manage customer support requests for all our businesses. Helpscout integrates with Slack, so we are notified when emails come in and then we can run reports on important metrics like “time it takes to initially reply to the customer”. Helpscout also will allow you to manage multiple mailboxes if you have different kinds of customers.

Check out Help Scout.

Epidemic Sound

You know what is ridiculously hard? Finding good FREE music for Youtube videos. We love Epidemic Sound’s music library and for only $15 a month, you can use as many songs as you want royalty free on your podcast or Youtube channel.

Get a free 30-day trial when you use our link. 

Courses for Growing Your Business


how to start a blog

How to Start and Grow Your First Blog

A free five-day course to help you start your first blog.

Starting a blog is a big dream for many people, but the tech side of things can be overwhelming! There’s a lot of unknown factors and confusing jargon like “hosting”, “domains”, and “SEO”.

In this course, I give a tutorial on how to start a blog, plus how to create amazing content and grow your email list.

Whether you want to write about your RV travels, parenting, gardening, antique cars, bodybuilding, or whatever your interests are, this course will walk you through how to get started.

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

Fellow full-timer Michelle of Making Sense of Cents makes over 100K a month from her blog. In this course, she teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing.

We’ve actually been working Michelle’s course as well and It has significantly helped us increase our affiliate earnings here on the blog. It is a great investment for any blogger looking to make money on the road.

Learn more about Michelle’s course or check out this interview with her on The RV Entrepreneur podcast.

crazy family adventure course

How to Start a Virtual Business Course

Our friend Bryanna released the most practical, in-depth course I’ve seen on how to step-by-step build your own business. This course (appropriately titled How to Start Your Virtual Business So You Can Travel Full Time) dives deep into the nitty gritty of how to build your business.

There are over 30 lessons in this jam packed course and it’s incredibly detailed and tactical for anyone who is serious about starting an online business.

Learn more about Bryanna’s course or check out this interview with her on The RV Entrepreneur podcast.


how to travel America cheap course

Travel America on $2K/Month

A free seven-day course on how to travel full-time on a budget.

We quit our full-time jobs in search of an epic adventure and spent a year traveling to all fifty states in our 1994 class C motorhome. During our journey, we camped in national parks, toured scenic highways, visited major cities, and experienced life in an entirely different realm than we had ever known.

The best part is we did it for cheap, really cheap.

The goal of this course is to walk you through exactly how we budgeted for our trip, from basic travel expenses to what you can cut back on, and some custom rules we’ve learned to live by while on the road.

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creative live courses

Creative Live

I love Creative Live courses! Mostly because so many are free, partly because of the great content.

Creative Live is completely focused on creative entrepreneurship and offers video-based classes on photography, art, video, graphic design, music, crafts, and more. All of the courses are free if you watch them live, or paid if you want lifetime access to the videos. This is a great resource if you want to learn new things, but you want to save money!

Find free courses here.

Recommended RV Memberships

passport america

Passport America

Passport America offers 50% off camping fees. Of all the memberships, we recommend this one the most! You can learn more about Passport America here. (To give us credit for referring you, please use our membership ID: C-643889)


If you’re looking for community on the road or just a simple solution for getting your mail on the road, Escapees is great! One of the best perks of Escapees is access to their multiple RV meetups and rallies they host throughout the year.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a unique RV membership that allows campers to park their RV for free at select wineries, vineyards, breweries, farms, and museums. A membership only costs $40/year. Learn more here.


Want to learn more about the pros and cons to RV clubs? Check out this post where we compare the top five RV memberships.

Resources for RVers


Please, PLEASE, before you spend $100K on an RV, rent out an RV for a week and check it out! Outdoorsy offers peer-to-peer RV rentals, which means you can rent a real person’s real RV. This is the best and easiest way to find out which type of rig you want, what full-time life is like, and BONUS, it’s usually way cheaper than your classic hotel + airfare vacation.

Shop around Outdoorsy for a rental.

Already have an RV? Click “List Your RV” on this page to learn how to make money renting your RV. (We’ve made over $5K renting out our RV during the holidays)

weboost Cell Booster

Everyone’s biggest concern about working on the road is the same: how will I get internet? RV park wifi is unreliable at best. We use an unlimited AT&T plan and a cell booster can help ensure that you have service everywhere. We use a cell booster to help get extra bars of service.

Check out cell boosters here. 


There are a lot of places to buy RV gadgets, but we love and trust TechnoRV. They are our go-to for high-tech gadgets like a tire pressure monitoring system, a good surge protector, and wifi boosters. If you’re looking to upgrade your rig, TechnoRV is the place to look for new gear!

Shop around Techno RV here! 

faredrop review


We are big fans of travel and even bigger fans of saving money traveling. We recently booked flights to Italy for under $500—and they are normally well over $1200! We found the awesome flight deal using FareDrop. FareDrop will send you emails or texts giving you alerts on flight deals to top destinations. I have a feeling there are a lot more flights in our future😍

Try FareDrop for free!

Flex Jobs

Flexjobs is the easily the most well known and recommended online job board for remote work. I’m not sure if it’s the biggest online job board for remote work, but it’s definitely the first place I would look when searching for work on the road. In addition to posting a ton of truly remote jobs, they also have a great blog with resources on how to make money from home and job search tips.

If you do choose to use FlexJobs, they sent us a 30% off coupon code for you to use! Use the code FLEXLIFE when you sign up for your membership.

Learn more about Flex Jobs here. 


RVing Necessities

After you buy an RV, you’ll need to pick up a few things before your first trip. This shopping list includes everything you’ll need for setting up your RV such as leveling blocks, hose connections, water filters, and electrical adapters. We use everything on this list on a daily basis and could not camp full-time without them. See the full shopping list on the blog.

An Introduction to Downsizing

A free three-part course on how to downsize and transition to RVing.

Before you can move into your RV, you must complete one dreaded task…DOWNSIZING.

Garage sales, Goodwill, passing your favorite things off to unsuspecting family members…this is your future.

But don’t worry! This course is designed to help you prepare for the task at hand.

This free three-part course is designed to help you overcome the mental hurdles associated with downsizing, like changing the way you view your stuff and opening yourself up to what is truly important in life so that you can leave the house behind and start exploring the world.

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my first documentary


Our Film Kit

Before we started RVing, I had never filmed a single thing. Now, I spend 90% of my time filming and editing video content. We are constantly updating our film kit to adapt to the limited space we have in the RV, while also upping our production quality.

You can see the full list of gear on Amazon. 

For more on RV life, check out our free resources or the Best of the Blog.