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Our Top Resources


A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV

With over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, this is the #1 book for RVers on how to jump into RV life.

RVing Across America: A Quest to Visit All 50 States

What is life on the road actually like? This book tells our story of visiting all 50 states in a year—with all the flooded grey tanks, breakdowns, national parks, and adventures included.

The RV Entrepreneur Podcast

A weekly podcast interviewing nomadic entrepreneurs on how they run a remote business.


50 Business Ideas for Travelers

People actually run a business from a van down by the river?

With 150+ episodes of our RV Entrepreneur Podcast, we found there are 50 different types of businesses run by digital nomads. In this ebook, we share the details behind who runs each type of business, how they do it, and how you can do the same.

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The RV Entrepreneur

Our generation is realizing that “the dream” of buying a bunch of crap, putting half of it in storage, and signing your life away on a mortgage is a terrible way to live. We no longer have to choose between meaningful work and a geographic location—we can have both.

The RV Entrepreneur documents how a new generation of tech-savvy, location independent entrepreneurs are building businesses that allow them to travel anywhere.

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38 Places to Find Remote Work

For most people, the biggest hurdle to RVing or traveling full-time is finding a way to support themselves on the road. But with the internet and the rise of location independence, it’s easier than ever to find remote jobs for digital nomads. You can start with this list of 38 job boards that post remote, work from home jobs in multiple industries.

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Recommended RV Memberships


Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a unique RV membership that allows campers to park their RV for free at select wineries, vineyards, breweries, farms, and museums. Memberships only cost $79/year.

Use our code to get 15% off your membership. Learn more here.

Xscapers & Escapees

If you’re looking for community on the road or just a simple solution for getting your mail on the road, Xscapers is great! One of the best perks of Escapees RV Club is access to their multiple RV meetups and rallies they host throughout the year. (They also have mail forwarding and will set up your domicile!)

Learn more.

Passport America

Passport America offers 50% off camping fees. Of all the memberships, we recommend this one the most because it has saved us soooo much money. We are lifetime members and everything.

Learn more about Passport America here. (To give us credit for referring you, you can mention our membership ID: C-643889)

Want to learn more about the pros and cons to RV clubs? Check out this post where we compare the top five RV memberships.


Tools For Starting A Business



freshbooks affiliate


Bluehost is essential for anyone who has a website. We’ve used Bluehost to set up all of our blogs. They make it insanely easy to launch a new WordPress site and you can sign up for $3.45/month. Everyone who starts a website or blog has to host it somewhere and Bluehost is the best place to start!

You can click here to grab an account with them for $3.45/month.

(Overwhelmed with starting your blog? We’ve been there. Take our free course!)

G Suite

The first thing you’ll need once you start your business is a website and second is an email address. That’s where G Suite comes in. We use Gmail, Google Drive, and basically every Google app there is because it’s the absolute best option for small business owners.

You can learn more about G Suite and how it works here.

FreshBooks Account Software

Raise your hand if numbers and records and spreadsheets are the WORST part of running your business!

You should spend more time on the parts of the business you love, not the boring stuff. That’s why we use and recommend FreshBooks for making accounting a million times easier!

Learn more about FreshBooks here.


Tools For Managing A Growing Business






This is the email service we use to send newsletters to our email list. It’s an incredible email marketing service that caters towards professional bloggers (meaning people who make money from their blog). We’ve used ConvertKit for years and won’t stop any time soon.

Learn more about ConvertKit. 

Help Scout

Customer support can make or break a new business. We use Help Scout to manage customer support requests for all our businesses. Helpscout integrates with Slack, so we are notified when emails come in and then we can run reports on important metrics like “time it takes to initially reply to the customer”. Helpscout also will allow you to manage multiple mailboxes if you have different kinds of customers.

Check out Help Scout.


My absolute favorite project management tool and I’ve tried a LOT of them. We’ve used Trello for years to keep us on track with projects, manage to-do lists, and make notes of what to work on each week.

Sign up for Trello (it’s free!) here.


Tools For Creators & Bloggers




The BEST way to make custom images for your website (especially bloggers!) Completely free to join, but we use the pro version for extra tools like stock photos and making logos.

Get started free.


Most of our client work to date has been filming and launching courses for clients. With every launch, we use Teachable for quite a few reasons. It is incredibly easy to use and set up your course; they have a sleek, easy to modify design, AND they offer built-in affiliate programs. We use Teachable for all of our courses!

Create your own course with Teachable here.


For RV Travelers


The Ultimate RV Resources List

See the complete list of resources we’ve used in our RV! From water hoses to camping apps to tow bars, this is the complete list you’ll find in our best-selling book, A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV.

Check it out!


There are a lot of places to buy RV gadgets, but we love and trust TechnoRV. They are our go-to for high-tech gadgets like a tire pressure monitoring system, a good surge protector, and wifi boosters—all of which are MUST-HAVES if you ask us.

Shop around deals at Techno RV here. 

RVing Necessities

After you buy an RV, you’ll need to pick up a few things before your first trip. This shopping list includes everything you’ll need for setting up your RV such as leveling blocks, hose connections, water filters, and electrical adapters. We use everything on this list on a daily basis and could not camp full-time without them.

See the full shopping list on the blog.

Courses We Love



Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

Fellow full-timer Michelle of Making Sense of Cents makes over 100K a month from her blog. In this course, she teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing.

We’ve actually been working Michelle’s course as well and It has significantly helped us increase our affiliate earnings here on the blog. It is a great investment for any blogger looking to make money on the road.

Learn more about Michelle’s course.