How We Set Travel Goals (& our next big one!)

When Heath and I first started traveling, we set a very clear goal: Visit all 50 states in a year for our honeymoon. It was crazy specific—down to the time frame—but that’s what helped us make it happen. (Okay “technically” … Read More

vacation for free
Travel Hacking: How We Travel for (Almost) Free

When we were full-time RVing, we still loved taking to the skies and heading on far-off adventures. That included flying to RV abroad in countries like New Zealand and Italy. Now that we’ve got two kids in tow, we’re still … Read More

our flights were canceled, so we did this

After two months in Europe, we are finally home! 💕 (Well, home until Sunday, and then we are off once again!) Heath and I have been traveling together for ten years and we’ve experienced all the ups and downs that … Read More

Seven Times Our RV Tried to Kill Us

When Heath and I started RVing, we were mostly focused on how it was the most economical way for us to travel full-time in the US. What we didn’t take into account was, well, everything about RVing. We had NO … Read More

I need your help (vote on my book cover!)

You may know that I’ve been wrapping up my book, RVing Across America, that is coming out next month. Before I put the finishing touches on this story, I need your help choosing a book cover design! I would be … Read More

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