vacation for free
Travel Hacking: How We Travel for (Almost) Free

When we were full-time RVing, we still loved taking to the skies and heading on far-off adventures. That included flying to RV abroad in countries like New Zealand and Italy. Now that we’ve got two kids in tow, we’re still … Read More

our flights were canceled, so we did this

After two months in Europe, we are finally home! 💕 (Well, home until Sunday, and then we are off once again!) Heath and I have been traveling together for ten years and we’ve experienced all the ups and downs that … Read More

Seven Times Our RV Tried to Kill Us

When Heath and I started RVing, we were mostly focused on how it was the most economical way for us to travel full-time in the US. What we didn’t take into account was, well, everything about RVing. We had NO … Read More

I need your help (vote on my book cover!)

You may know that I’ve been wrapping up my book, RVing Across America, that is coming out next month. Before I put the finishing touches on this story, I need your help choosing a book cover design! I would be … Read More

Our first office in our RV (photo)

Our first year on the road, we were broke but determined. No matter what—lack of money included—we were going to visit all fifty states in our 1994 class C RV. That meant hustling to do anything to make money, all … Read More

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