He’s trying to sue us for going to all 50 states?

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Imagine you’re on your honeymoon. Things are going great. You finally found a partner you want to spend your life with.

You’re even traveling around the country in an RV. Every day is an adventure!

On top of being able to travel, you’re making a documentary about working a job in all 50 states (okay, the last part is a stretch for most people to imagine, but hang with me here).

Then, out of the blue, someone tries to sue you.

For virtually no reason at all.

This happened to Alyssa and I in 2014.

The setting is New York City. We were halfway done with our 50-state adventure. I’d been working an hourly job in each state while Alyssa filmed for our documentary, Hourly America.

A reporter found us on Twitter and wanted to share our story on CNN. In the moment, it was exhilarating. We were 23 years old living what felt like an insane journey.

And someone thought it was inspiring and wanted to share our story!

We immediately agreed. The plan was to meet with the reporter in New York City.

Then, something surprising happened. Once our story was aired, several other outlets wanted to feature the story of “Two Newlyweds RVing Across America Working 50 Jobs.”

This is when we ran into a problem.

We received an urgent memo to “immediately cease and desist.”

A week that started out on an insane high went to an insane low and turned our big break into a moment of what the heck are we going to do now that we are being threatened with legal action against us.

Can you even sue someone for visiting all fifty states? Surely that isn’t a thing.

Click here to download and read the full story of the time someone tried to sue us.

This is an excerpt from Alyssa’s latest book, RVing Across America.

This book is the story of all the ups and downs from our first year of full-time RV travel as we tried to visit 50 states as newlyweds.

If you enjoyed Alyssa’s first book, A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV, well, this book is pretty much nothing like that one except that it’s written by the same amazing author (my awesome wife, who wrote it in between having two babies over the last couple years).

And she couldn’t have written Living in an RV if we didn’t first make a ton of mistakes and learn how to full-time RV as we traveled to all fifty states together.

RVing Across America includes moments from boondocking at our first national forest campsite to literally running into an elk while hiking in Glacier National Park to flashing our RV neighbors when trying to kill a giant spider and the time we almost got sued…

If you are interested in reading more stories like the one above — you can pre-order RVing Across America on Amazon here (there’s no incentive for pre-ordering on Amazon, but they are super meaningful for authors and both Alyssa and I are giving you a virtual hug).