RVE 0013: Q&A With Heath & Alyssa Padgett

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On today’s episode of the podcast I sat down with Alyssa to do a Q&A episode. This is my first time experimenting with this format, but I’ve had people ask for Alyssa to interview me… so we decided to make that happen!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Starting a side-hustle or freelance business while still working full-time
  • Some of our favorite tools we use to run our video business on the road
  • Monetizing a blog or youtube channel

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  • Hey Heath! You’ve done a great job with this site and it’s a great resource. Our next destination will be to Red River Gorge once we get our RV!

  • Great site and I love listening to the podcast. Our next destination is going to be Las Vegas. We are taking our granddaughter along with us this time. Well, at least for two weeks, lol. I don’t think she could stand the whole summer with us 😉

    • haha Hi Azalee! Ah, enjoy Vegas! It’s great. We stayed at The Oasis RV park in Vegas and loved it!

  • Hi Heath!

    My boyfriend and I love listening to your podcasts. I get excited when I get an email that a new one was added! We are planning to live the RV life one day after we do some more planning. Once we buy an RV, our first (next) stop will be the Grand Canyon!

    • Awesome Ryann! That was one of our first stops in our RV as well 🙂 great choice!

  • Hi Heath, I love the information you provide and the way it’s presented. Your personality comes through in your writing, I like that. My wife and I will be FT RVing sometime this summer. We are cleaning out the house to have it on the market in 30 days. Fear none, we will get it done is what I tell my wife. Keep up the good work. Richard

    • haha i love it! Good luck on the upcoming trip and thank you for the nice compliments Richard. And yes… everything will get done. It seems like a crazy amount, but before you know it you guys will be out on the road.

  • Heath, I left you a glowing review! 🙂 I really need that app. my hubby has no sense of direction. lol
    But seriously, it has been a pleasure to listen to your podcasts. They are helping us to get ready for our full-time RV living in June.
    Which by the way, the email that you sent out today (4-26-16) really hit home for me. Every now and then the full realization of what we are about to do (give up a great job, leave our kids (23, 21 and 19)without a “home” and live in a 21′ trailer) just hits me and the fear sets in, along with the tears. This is something I know I won’t regret doing, but it is the uncertainty of the future that shakes me.
    Thanks for sharing your heart.

    • I think I left a review…I’m not seeing it there. Does a review need to by okay’d by iTunes?

      • Hey Julie! Thanks so much for your awesome comment and encouragement. So iTunes reviews typically take a day or two to show up :). They will eventually show up though! Also, props to you guys for taking the leap (even though you’ve got grown up kids).

  • Heath, have you considered a composting toilet? Not sure if you can install one in a motor home, but it would help in the poop dumping department.

    • Hi Sharon! No, we haven’t. I know about them and have researched them, but we don’t really have an issue with dealing with our grey and black tanks. We don’t do a ton of off grid camping, so maybe if we did then we’d have to start figuring out that component. I know Jason and Nikki Wynn have done a composting toilet in their RV (http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/composting-toilet).

  • Be careful in suggestions about going into photography. (Or any skilled work, graphic design, for example.) A friend of mine has a photography business. The thorn in his side is trying to compete with the hundreds of people out there who just hang a shingle up over the door, claiming to be a photographer. Even if they’re good, they immediately under value their work, give it away free, etc. This under values the market too. He’s competing with people who will, for example, shoot a wedding for $50 and hand over the raw files, etc… Never, ever work for free. You can’t pay your bills with exposure. People die of exposure! And it affects everyone in the business!

    • If your work is good enough, people will pay for it. When you are getting started, giving away work for free can be a valuable way to get the experience you need to grow your skills. I don’t believe in blatantly making across the board assumptions to say that “you should or should never” give away your work for free. I think in order to reach a certain skill level, you have to be able to get experience. Do people undervalue their work? Sure. But with an increase in cameras becoming better and better, crafts like photography are going to decrease in value and you have to be different enough to stand out.

  • HAHA! You two crack me up. Such great stuff and love your chemistry on the mic. Keep Heath in line, Alyssa. 🙂

  • I left a review!

    Enjoyed this episode a lot! Thanks for sharing some of the details of how much money you got from various blogging and website work.

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  • Reviewed via my hubs itunes! Great episode we (my Texan and I) were just brainstorming ideas on how to market ourselves and getting something going before we hit the road. Our plan is savings, savings and maybe a fundraiser who know?! Ha. Hopefully afew marketing/sales ideas for blog/youtube would bring in a little income. Then hubs has his VA monthly and just got his MBA so thinking of doing an online college professor thing but only one class. We really want our first year to be nothing but traveling and if love it like think we will? Second year do the online professor. Not sure. Anyways… so even though a year and half off? Soaking up your tips like a dried sea sponge. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Bridgette! Sounds like y’all have a great plan 🙂 Glad you liked the episode!

  • Great Podcast!!! I took a lot of notes and learned quite a few things! I will be working full time (as a CNA) while living full time in an RV. My “employer” pay is low so this helps me figure out what kind of fun work i can do to bring in that extra income!!! Thanks for all you do!

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