Our Morning Routine and A Semi-Typical RV Life Day

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No two days of RV life are the same.

Some days we work all day, some days we speed around on jetboats and explore cool towns, and some days we just drive. Actually, most days we are driving.

Today’s vlog shows what a completely typical RV life day is like, starting with our morning routine and ending at an RV park (err, holiday park! I always forget this is what RV parks are called in New Zealand!)

Let’s talk a little more about morning routines.

Heath and I LOVE having a routine. When the view out your bedroom windows changes every night, it’s so important to have something steady in your life like a routine. It keeps you grounded and keeps the constant change in your location from being overwhelming and exhausting.

We have very similar morning routines—albeit Heath wakes up significantly earlier than I do. We drink two cups of coffee each day—Heath drinks two cups of half-caf French press and I drink two cups of decaf instant coffee. Decaf coffee was so hard to find in New Zealand I had to drink instant! (Back in America we travel with a cheap espresso maker so I have two decaf lattes a day.)

While we sip on our coffee, we read on our Kindles. We borrow new ebooks from our local library back in Texas every week. My favorite reads of the trip: Dark Matter and Big Little Lies. I think one of Heath’s favorite reads lately was Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines. He usually reads business books; I usually get sucked into novels.

Then Heath moves onto journaling and I move onto yoga. If I don’t move first thing in the morning, I’m lethargic and cranky all day. So yoga and a sometimes little pilates are my best start to my day. I’ve only ever been to one yoga class—it was in Spanish so I was in way over my head—but I loved it! I’ve borrowed a few books on yoga poses that I work through every morning. I’m not great at it, but I’ve decided to never let that stop me from trying.

Heath is obsessed with journaling! I believe journaling is one of the number one things you see recommended for a morning routine. Heath uses One Note, which is a free app by Microsoft. He has kept daily journals for years and swears by them. He also re-reads them periodically to remind himself how much he has grown or changed over the years, which is pretty cool and makes me wish I enjoyed journaling. (All my journals always turn into to-do lists! Is anyone else guilty of this??)

We work through our whole morning routine in about an hour and then move onto work, breakfast, and packing up the RV.

Our morning routine is simple, but it is oddly comforting. I like knowing exactly how the day is going to start—all the while knowing that the day will also take me somewhere beautiful that I’ve never been before. I think that’s my favorite part of RVing. You can see something new every single day!

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As you saw in the video, this day of driving, dumping the tanks, showering on the side of the road, and exploring town is our typical day. A bit of travel, a bit of work, a bit of driving. It’s nothing spectacular or awe-striking. It’s just our normal day…well as normal as you can be traveling in the most beautiful country in the world.

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