jetboating new zealand

If You Only Do One Thing in New Zealand, Do This!

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Before we flew to New Zealand, my dad sat us down to watch “Aerial New Zealand.” Heath and I don’t watch much TV, but my dad swore this was amazing. So we sat down to watch the show on the Smithsonian channel and oh. my. gosh. If you want to be inspired to travel New Zealand, watch that show!


In the show, we heard of jetboating for the first time. We knew if we only did one thing while in New Zealand, it was this. It didn’t disappoint.

Jetboating quick facts:

  • The boats go up to 85 kph (or over 50 mph!)
  • The boats don’t have brakes
  • To stop the boat, the captain will spin the boat in a circle
  • It may actually be the most fun we’ve ever had!

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