How We Balance Working and Traveling Full-Time

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When we first started RVing, I didn't expect we would ever find a way to work and travel full-time, let alone sustain this lifestyle for nearly four years. Now, we run 3 businesses on the road. In this article, we'll share our tips for balancing work and travel, so you can have the best of both worlds.When we first started RVing, I didn’t expect we would ever find a way to work and travel full-time, let alone sustain this lifestyle for nearly four years.

Now, we run three main businesses on the road:

  1. Campground Booking, Heath’s software startup
  2. Padgett Creative LLC, our video production company and marketing agency
  3., our personal brand including blogs, podcasts, and Youtube videos

Working full-time on the road is what allows us to travel. Since we started RVing, we’ve visited all 50 states, four Canadian provinces, and 15 national parks (actually will be 16 when we drive into Shenandoah tomorrow!).

Today, we’re talking all about working on the road and how we make it happen in a little live video we hosted with Go RVing. You can see notes on a few of the questions we answer below. Enjoy!

A few questions we answer about how to work and travel full-time:

On our work lifestyle

  1. How many hours per week do you each work?
  2. How do you allocate time to work, with all the amazing things there are to do while traveling?  Do you have certain days/times you always work?  What about travel days?
  3. What business(es) do you run on the road?

On finding client work on the road

  1. When you meet someone that you want to do business with, do you pitch everything and anything you can do for them basically at once, or do you only pitch certain things with them at a time?
  2. How do you go about getting new clients when traveling?

On our internet solutions

  1. How do you choose which provider to use?
  2. Do you have an unlimited data plan with both providers?
  3. How much data do you typically use a month?

On running our production company

  1. What is your favorite video recording software? If a paid option, do you have a recommendation for a free video editing software?
  2. What is your tech set up?

On building your income from scratch

  1. Are you providing biz services now that you didn’t think you would be when you first started?
  2. What new things are you wanting to do to expand your services?
  3. Knowing what you know now, how much online income would you like to have coming in each month to live comfortably BEFORE you would hit the road, so as to not have to worry about boondocking, and cutting costs?

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