RVE 83: Test Drive – Growing Client Work on the Road

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Today, we are going to talk about your service-based business, specifically growing client work on the road.  To do that, we are introducing a brand new segment on the RV Entrepreneur.

As you guys know, I’ve been releasing these mini episodes on Fridays. I’ve been playing around with the format each week to see what worked best. Then last week, Alyssa gave me a really great idea. This new format will be now known as Test Drives.

Ultimately, the long format episodes on Tuesdays capture the stories of nomadic entrepreneurs who have made the transition to living fulltime on the road.  These Test Drives on Fridays will be short, actionable episodes where myself, Alyssa, or a guest will share a specific experience that is business, travel, or RVing related.

This is basically what the episodes have already consisted of, but Alyssa came up with a really cool name that is relevant to the podcast.

On our first Test drive, I wanted to talk about how we’ve scaled client work for our company, Padgett Creative, without really much outreach at all. We have received a lot of questions in the Facebook group about finding new clients for different service businesses from photography to social media.  I know all of these categories will be a bit different, but I want to talk more of the broad strategy that will fit across all industries.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Types of services that we have provided for clients
  • Making connections with potential clients and sponsors
  • Getting referrals and going above and beyond
  • Demonstrating your value to clients through previous work
  • Sharing your talents with your network
  • Growing your marketable skills

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  • This is a great episode. We’re starting to pitch to new clients for our #10for10trip travel project this year so these tips were good reminders. A little heads up: I heard you say tip #4 twice in the episode (not sure if it was recorded twice or my app malfunctioned, but thought you should know!) – M

    • Oh man so excited to see how y’all’s 10for10 stuff pans out! I’ll have to check on the episode. Wonder what happened!

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