Dumping A Cassette Toilet for the First Time! NZ Ep. 4

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Before New Zealand, our experience with anything other than a black tank in an RV was limited. We had seen the cassette toilet in the new Winnebago Revel when we were filming in Colorado, but we hadn’t fully experienced what it’s like to use a cassette toilet.

As our friends at Wilderness informed us, cassette toilets last 1-2 days max. We’ve found that it must be dumped daily with two people using it. This is a crazy difference compared to our black tank in our Winnebago which can go well over a week without being dumped…not to mention you pull one valve to dump it instead of needing to cart around a cassette.

In this vlog episode, Heath gets to dump the cassette toilet for the first time, with my careful instruction of course.

Also in this episode:

  • Our first campsite in New Zealand
  • The bluest water I’ve EVER seen
  • And we meet up with our friends Jedd and Michelle from Intentional Travelers!


How to Dump A Cassette Toilet

Step 1: Remove cassette from motorhome—but first make sure the valve inside the bathroom hasn’t been left open.

Step 2: Remove cap and press button to dump contents into the sewer.

Step 3: Add water and shake.

Step 4: Dump contents into the sewer.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 as necessary.

Step 5: Add deodorizer and a splash of water.

Step 6: Return cassette to the motorhome and go explore the country!

Where we camped in this episode:

Day 1: Lake MacGregor Campsite

Cost: $10/per person

Day 2: Lake Poaka Amenity Area

Cost: Free

Where we drove in this episode:

new zealand road trip


Questions about New Zealand?

Drop us a comment and we’ll try to answer them on camera!