video tour of the winnebago brave

A Quick Video Tour of the Winnebago Brave

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Spring is finally here! Heath and I have spent the last week traveling across Tennessee soaking up the sunshine (until yesterday when the spring rains started) and enjoying as much time outside as possible. This has been our first time since buying Merica the Brave that we’ve been able to unhook and travel wherever the wind blows us. (I’m actually writing this blog from a friend’s backyard in Nashville. He has RV hook ups and always lets us hang out. Thanks Chris!)

As we’ve started traveling more lately, we’ve had four people stay the night in our Winnebago with us. In fact, three friends recently joined us for a slumber party in the Smokies just the other day. We hiked, made a campfire, and demolished a bag of marshmallows, naturally. And since our Brave can power everything without cranking on the generator, we all piled on the couch and watched The Proposal.

(And yes, all five of us can fit on the couch at once, it’s HUGE!)

video tour of the winnebago brave

After hosting friends in the RV and giving them all tours of our tiny house, we realized we’ve never given a video tour of the Winnebago Brave we call our home. So we borrowed a friend’s camera (the DJI Osmo, which is small, handheld and totally awesome) and Heath filmed a tour of our home.

Heath doesn’t operate the camera too often–that’s usually my job–and he’s super self conscious about this first little video of his so be sure to comment and tell him how awesome he did 🙂

Now we could drone on and on about Merica for an hour (and trust me, we did), but I edited it down to quick two-minute video tour of the Winnebago Brave. Enjoy!


Quick facts about the Winnebago Brave:

  • This is the 31C model of the Brave, which means it’s 33 feet long. (Why it isn’t called the 33C, I have no idea.)
  • We chose the “Moody Blue” interiors and the red and white exterior, hence how Merica got her name.
  • This RV is a full four-feet longer than Franklin and has way more space than we need. We have two empty cabinets in this huge rig, which is where we throw anything and everything that might break or fall over while driving. (i.e. vases of flowers, wine glasses, hard drives, etc.)
  • The bed that lowers from the ceiling above the driving area has a Tempurpedic mattress, which according to our friend James makes for an excellent night’s sleep.
  • The Brave has a residential size fridge complete with an ice maker.
  • This model of the Winnebago Brave is a tribute to the 50 year anniversary of Winnebago. It’s super retro and kind of feels like living in a 1950s diner without the milkshakes.
  • There is tons of under-storage space in this rig, but you MUST lock every door before driving. Read more about how I learned that lesson here.
  • I’m 90% sure Heath chose this RV because the throwback body of the rig reminds him of a food truck and he really wants a food truck.
  • I’m 10% sure Heath chose this RV because there is an indoor/outdoor speaker system that connects via Bluetooth to his phone.

We are in love with our Brave and can’t wait to keep taking her on more adventures. Next up: Hot Springs National Park. See our full travel calendar (and suggest stops!) here.

PS We are planning an RVer meet up in Fredericksburg, Texas mid-April. Who’s in? 🙂

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  • Pick me! Pick me! I’m fun, and I bake things.

    We might could join you in Fredericksburg, if you don’t mind hanging with folks, uh, twice your age — which is still younger than most full-timers, but will seem ancient to you. Um, yay?

    • Hahaha if you’re only twice our age then you’re younger than most our RVing friends 😉 yes join us in Fredericksburg! We will be in the greater Austin area for most of April I think 🙂

      • Excellent. We’re in San Antonio through the end of April, so might just leave our home behind and make it a day trip in the BFT to Fredericksburg.

        We’ve got a son in Austin at UT, and I’m a grad myself, so holler if you need tips/assistance/tacos.

  • Hot Springs is on our Top 5 Favorites list from our two years of RVing! In fact, when we get the customary “where’s your favorite place?” question, it’s usually mentioned first or second. We have three Hot Springs articles on our blog if you want the scoop. Have so much fun!

    • Ooh yes! I’m so glad you said that because we aren’t sure what to expect since we’ve never been! I will have to check out your blogs. Thanks for the tips!

      • Oh, thanks Brittany! We hadn’t heard too much about it so that makes me more excited to hear that you guys loved it 🙂

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