Can you really go more places in a van than an RV?

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I do not get van life.

I know it’s all the rage, but why live in a van when you can live in an RV?

They are bigger, they all have bathrooms, AND we have a full kitchen. It’s an actual house on wheels, or wheel home as my niece says.

But #vanlife gets all the credit for being the coolest way to live a location independent life.

So when we visited Winnebago HQ last month, we asked our buddy Russ, the product manager for Class B & C RVs, if we could go on a little adventure in his Winnebago Travato.



The mobility of a van is pretty hard to beat. Low clearances, tiny roads, and u-turns aren’t big points of stress because they are so easy! We made about 50 u-turns (on purpose) trying to see if we could get ourselves stuck. But the Travato always came through!

But don’t worry, I’m not planning on jumping ship and moving into a van anytime soon.