Can you really go more places in a van than an RV?

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I do not get van life.

I know it’s all the rage, but why live in a van when you can live in an RV?

They are bigger, they all have bathrooms, AND we have a full kitchen. It’s an actual house on wheels, or wheel home as my niece says.

But #vanlife gets all the credit for being the coolest way to live a location independent life.

So when we visited Winnebago HQ last month, we asked our buddy Russ, the product manager for Class B & C RVs, if we could go on a little adventure in his Winnebago Travato.



The mobility of a van is pretty hard to beat. Low clearances, tiny roads, and u-turns aren’t big points of stress because they are so easy! We made about 50 u-turns (on purpose) trying to see if we could get ourselves stuck. But the Travato always came through!

But don’t worry, I’m not planning on jumping ship and moving into a van anytime soon.


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  • Haha That was hilarious. Poor Russ, Heath peer pressured him into doing so many sketchy things. What a good sport! 🙂

    • Haha it was definitely fun to watch the two of them interact! They are total goofballs.

  • I think it’s really interesting how the RV and Van communities have fairly little interaction between each other, yet they live and strive for such similar lifestyles. I think (most) van dwellers come at it from a slightly more “minimalist” approach, stemming from the fact that vans are a decent bit cheaper than most RVs, but still seems a bit odd that most communities are either “Van life” or “RV” but not much intermixing there. I think that should change, because both groups could learn a lot from the other one!
    – Peter

    • It definitely is weird! Van lifers tend to look down on RVers for requiring so much space. We are planning on RVing Europe soon, so we really wanted to ride around in the Travato to get a taste for what it will be like RVing abroad. I think we could handle it!

  • Hey guys were thinking of getting a smaller rv like yours. Would you get the same one again or go smaller? We have a Pace Arrow Vision 37 footer. I drive down gravel, dirt, ect… and so far no deaths or damage. Also Ayssa you should never complain about Heath you knew he was a redhead when you married him…. We all know redheads are not house broken and prone to fits and unrefined ways… I know because I have four between my children and grandkids… Love your site.

    • Hey Allen! Our Winnebago is 33 feet long. So not too much smaller than yours! We’ve found it’s the perfect size for the two of us.

      • Thanks Heath. After checking you guys out I have looked at a few braves. I think they are well made and use space efficiently.

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