14 Reasons Why People LOVE #RVlife

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It’s no secret that Heath and I love RVing. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have visited all 50 states in our first year or decided to take the adventure abroad to try out RVing in other countries. It’s easily the best decision we’ve ever made—one that has led to endless adventures, new businesses, and a million stories about life on the road.

And while I could sit here and list my reasons why I love RVing all day long, I wanted to hear from you! So I asked you to tell me about your favorite parts of RVing. Here’s what you said:

#1 The Freedom

“It’s the freedom of being able to go where you want, stay as long as you like and control your cost of living. Add the amazing life long friends we’ve created and the adventures and life doesn’t get any better than this.”

– Doug R.

#2 The Community

pecan park riverside san marcos texas

“Our favorite thing about RVing right now is the community. We live at a local RV resort. We are in the process of traveling full time.  We have downsized, moved into our travel trailer and live in a park close to home.

The community here is amazing, meeting new people every day and hearing their stories. Talking about where we’ve been and where we’re going. Six full-time families just heard about a trip I wanted to go on and they all boondock on the coast of Texas for four days. It was our first trip, it was a breathtaking, learning experience. Bonds that will last a lifetime. ”

– Lara Huey, @TeamHuey

#3 The Solitude

“I’ve been RVing since 1971 and my wife has since the early 80s. Until about two and a half years ago both of us had always boondocked, since we live in the west. Not gonna lie, it was nice to have full hook ups the four times we stayed in RV parks. Living in Wyoming I love the wide open spaces and the solitude that comes with boondocking. So I would have to say the favorite part of RVing for us is getting out into nature and the solitude that comes with it.” – Bob W.

#4 I Can Bring My Pets!

Burkert Family - Go Pet Friendly
Photo credit: Go Pet Friendly

“The best part of RVing for me is being able to bring our pets along on the journey. It is so much fun to take our pup hiking across the country, and I no longer have to feel guilty boarding our pets while we travel.”

– Christina P, Travels with Ted

#5 How RVing Educates My Kids

“The best part of RVing for our family is introducing our children to different types of people, geographies and historically significant places. If they grow up and become good, decent humans in part to this type of lifestyle, I’ll feel like this was a successful life choice. ”

– Chad Davis, who you may remember from episode 163 of the RV Entrepreneur podcast

#6 Truly Getting to Know America

“My husband became a Travel Nurse, requiring us to be location and timing dependent. At least compared to RVers like yourselves. We still had much more freedom than the average 9-5er.

We truly experience each place we stay in. We see it’s worst and it’s best. The rich and the poor. (Is it just me, or is this beginning to sound like wedding vows?) Our impressions upon first weeks inevitably always change by the time a contract reaches completion. Sometimes it’s a good thing, other times we can’t wait to leave.

We learn the truth about the weather in a given area during specific times and changes of season. We get to know the heart of a place and it’s people. We are all Americans and we are all more similar than we think. Yet each area has such a unique vibe.”

– Blythe

#7 Every Day is Different

“For me, the ability to hang out and explore a city, get lost in the country/wilderness, looking for the next vista around the corner or hiking a trail to see where it takes you, whatever the mood might be at the moment. Then again, to have a lazy day and not do much of anything except read a book. ”

– Tim B.

#8 Embracing Nature

My favorite part of RVing is listening to the ocean waves, beachcombing, watching beautiful sunrise and sunsets, stargazing, hiking on a mountain, fly fishing on a mountain lake or stream, kayaking on a lake or ocean and enjoying the scenery.

– Norma, wherervtraveling.com

#9 Everything is new—new people and new experiences.

“We love meeting new people and seeing new places!”

– Lisa B.

“To me, the best about RVing is being able to explore and find new places and meet new people;  and that we control where we go and what comes next.   If we find a particularly interesting or beautiful spot – we can stay some extra days, or move on down the road as we choose.  It is under our control.  That and the fact that we get a break from the everyday minutia and worries of home. I don’t have to worry about when to trim the rose bushes or change the oil in the mower.). Yes, there are many things that must be done for RVing – even including handling the sewer hose LOL – but they seem to have a purpose and justification.   I actually enjoy the routine of setting up and breaking camp, driving down the road less taken and seeing what comes next or who we meet next.”

– Herman P.

#10 The Quality Time

“My favorite part of RVing is spending time with my husband! It doesn’t matter if we are in a city RV park or ” in the middle of nowhere”. Just getting time to talk, laugh, and just “be” together is the best thing. After 33 years of marriage, I still love seeing his smile. We have had some struggles and much joy and through it all I know he holds my heart.”

-Melody G.

(Cue the awwwwww’s.)

#11 Just Getting Out of Town

“Since we are just weekend warriors, with full-time jobs that require us to be in town on workdays, we truly enjoy the excitement and process of just getting out of town! That includes the planning, preparation and the drive! Of course, the huge bonus is actually spending some time at the destination, whether it’s just hanging out with my wife or seeing a local site. We too have enjoyed the Harvest Hosts and plan on exploring more of those.”

– Rick N.

#12 Total Control

“So, what do I like best about RVing? That’s easy. Control. Especially control of our pace. If we want, we can meander along at a lazy gait on back roads. Or if necessary, we can get on the Interstate, put the pedal down and cover ground. Our choice, our pace.”

– Connie P.

#13 The Inspiration!

“As an artist, RVing surrounds me with inspiration all the time! Nature is my muse, so having the ability to travel to National Parks and explore wild spaces has had a huge impact on my creativity. Sometimes just the view outside my window makes me pull out my pen and watercolors for a quick session!”

– Shanae M. @trailmixandchocolate

#14 It just keeps getting better and better!

why people love rving

“My favorite part of RV’ing is bound by the richness of ALL the new experiences that cross my path while traveling…from the incredible new friends I meet every year, to the eye-devouring bold landscapes of places I’ve never been, to the variety of activities before me, whether it be taking the scenic road, hiking, biking, kayaking, spelunking, boondocking or taking in historical and cultural sites of ancient times…

We continue to work on our bucket list to see all of our National Parks. This summer it’s Mt. Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, the Badlands, Wind Cave, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and much more. Winter 2018 was Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains, and the Grand Canyon to name a few, the highlight – hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon – in our 60’s! RV’ing has been a part of our life for 6 years now. We love it and can’t wait to spend more time on the road. It just gets better and better. Yeah, to sum it up, that’s what I love about RV’ing – It just gets better and better!” – CJ H.

Thanks to everyone who told me their answers! What about you? What do you love about RVing? Drop a comment below and share! 🙂 

*Some submissions have been edited for typos and clarity.