RVE 0029: How to Start an Outdoor Photography Business

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Today on the podcast I’m interviewing Josh and Shelley Hartman. Josh and Shelley are outdoor photographers who travel full-time in their Casita trailer. They travel across the country taking photos of engagement sessions in national parks and weddings all over the world.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How Josh and Shelley intentionally built their photography business so it allowed them to travel
  • Josh and Shelley’s favorite camera and lens combo
  • Why telling people you live in an RV doesn’t deter them from wanting to work with you, but intrigues them

Today’s episode is sponsored by my new (and first) ebookThe RV Entrepreneur.


As of today, The RV Entrepreneur eBook is officially live and available for purchase here

This ebook isn’t just a written format and recap of this podcast, The RV Entrepreneur eBook takes the stories from this show and turns them into an actionable format with lessons that anyone can take and follow. If you’re currently trying to figure out how to make a transition into living and working on the road, this book can be a great resource for you.

A few things I cover in the book l are:

  • How we made our first income on the road and have went about building up our business while traveling
  • How to validate a business, product or service idea
  • How to find your first client
  • Other case studies from RV entrepreneurs on how to price your services
  • How we’ve used our blog and even this podcast to bring in new clients
  • And much more

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