What Our RV Moving Days Look Like

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Ah, RV moving days. It’s the perfect mix of excitement to visit some place new and stress over packing up and driving your entire hour down the highway at 60 mph.

In this vlog episode, we document the process of packing up our RV for a moving day while we travel from San Marcos to Fredericksburg.

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RV Moving Days To Do List

Inside the House:

  • Wash and put away all the dishes
  • Make the bed
  • Clear off table and countertops and secure items in cabinets
  • Get in fight with spouse over nothing
  • Secure anything breakable by storing it on the bed
    • This includes our desktop computer, bottles of wine, wine glasses, vases, etc.
  • Remove artwork from the wall (mental note to buy more command strips to attach canvas to the wall)
  • Clear floors around slide outs
  • Bring in slides and awning
  • Lower the jacks
  • Make coffee for the road(!!!)

Outside the House:

  • Dump black and grey tanks
  • Fill fresh water tank, as necessary
  • Put away hoses
  • Put away rug and lawn chairs
  • Unplug from electric


We typically structure our travel days to involve no more than five hours of travel time. For every hour of “Google Maps time” we add 15 minutes to create “RV time.”

Our 1 hour and 20 minute (Google Map Time) drive to Fredericksburg took closer to an hour and 45 minutes in reality.

The best thing to remember about travel days is to not let yourself get stressed and when in doubt, avoid the interstate at all costs.

What are your travel day rules?