How We Stay Fit While Traveling…Kind Of

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Heath somehow convinced me we should do a sunrise workout together. It was horrible.

Okay so maybe we AREN’T the best people to ask for advice. But here is our actual fitness regimen:

How We Stay Fit While RVing

1. Kayaking

We love getting out on the water, but traveling with hard-bodied kayaks is difficult for RVers. You need racks and straps and space—and inflatable kayaks are just so much easier!

We travel America with two Intex Challenger inflatable kayaks. I think we’ve had these two for about three years now and we LOVE them. People worry that an inflatable might pop or tear easily, but we haven’t had any issues. We simply store them in their carrying cases in our storage bays and inflate them when we get to the water. It’s super easy and they have been a great value (and they’ve lasted WAY longer than I thought they would!)

If you’re not a professional kayaker but want to move by getting out on the water, then I highly recommend an inflatable kayak.

2. Biking

Heath’s biggest regret was not buying bikes our first year on the road. (I think we didn’t buy them until after two years on the road, actually.)

We’ve been mountain biking a few times, but mostly use our bikes to stretch our legs and ride around local parks. Here is the key to biking: invest in a comfortable seat! We bike SO much more after spending a few dollars to upgrade to nicer bike seats. Your booty will thank you.

3. Hiking

Heath and I aren’t intense hikers. Our longest hikes are usually no more than four hours. But we love getting out in nature and exploring. While we’re here in New Zealand, it’s felt like we’ve been hiking almost every day. It’s probably the cheapest, easiest, most beautiful way to stay in shape!

stay fit while traveling4. Yoga

I love yoga. I’ve only ever taken one yoga class (and it was at a beachside resort in Mexico and all in Spanish, so I’m not sure if it counts because I didn’t understand anything).

So all of my actual yoga knowledge comes from the internet and from books. There’s a surprising number of books on yoga actually, and you can learn most poses from bloggers or YouTubers too. (The Yoga Bible for Beginners is one I’d recommend if you’re new to yoga like me!)

5. Running

You can always run…if you’re into that sort of thing…

While we aren’t the best examples of staying fit on the road, we do okay and try to stay active every day.

For actual helpful tips on how to stay fit while RVing, check out our friends over at The Fit RV. They have tons of exercise tips on their Youtube channel!