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Behind the Scenes: How Heath Records The RV Entrepreneur Podcast

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For years before The RV Entrepreneur Podcast launched, Heath wanted to start a podcast.

He would tell me about this dream of his about once a month and I would ask “What would you podcast be about?” And he would shrug and move on and then we’d repeat the whole conversation four weeks later.

Then after a solid two years of this, he had an idea! A podcast about the intersection of work and travel. He would call it RV entrepreneur (or was that too on the nose? What about “Will Work for Travel” or maybe that’s too cutesy? Make money RVing is probably too spammy, right?)

In this video, Heath takes you behind the scenes of recording a live episode of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast:

Watch behind the scenes:

Listen to the episode with Jedd & Michelle here.

Heath’s Podcasting Tools

how to record a podcastBlue Yeti Mic

Heath has used two Blue Yetis—the first one broke after a few too many trips on airplanes. But it’s a great mic and has a few settings on it that make recording easy if you’re in person or on Skype.

Auphonix Pop Filter

This will keep your voice from, well, popping when you pronounce words. It costs about $18, at the time of publishing this post.

Audacity Software

This is a free audio recording and editing software that’s very easy to use. Heath has used it on his podcast for years.

Ecamm Skype Call Recorder

Heath records all his podcasts that aren’t done in person over Skype. This call recorder is the best way to record calls! He used the free version for a while, but paid $40 for lifetime access to the upgraded version.


This is where the podcast is hosted and costs us about $20/month.

Smart Podcast Player

This is the player widget you use to listen to the podcast on our website. It costs about $12/month.

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