Why We Finally Started the RV Entrepreneur School

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Two years ago, Heath wrote his first course.

We were working with bloggers and small business owners helping them create, film, and launch online courses when Heath realized that we should really make our own since we spent all our time thinking about courses anyway. Over the next few months, he created How to Travel America on $2K/Month, a text and audio course with lessons we learned during our first year of travels.

That seven-day course has been our biggest lead generator for our website with thousands of downloads. It’s probably how you were added to this email list.

Every day, I read emails from students sharing their dream of RVing and how impactful the course has been for them. And then I see requests and suggestions for other courses, like one on how to make money on the road or how to start a blog like ours.

So Heath and I dreamed up an idea for “The RV Entrepreneur School” filled with classes taught by us and other RVers on life and business in an RV.

Of course, we came up with this idea back in 2016, so nothing came of it until this fall when I decided to hell with waiting for the right time, I was going to launch this school.

So I published our second course, An Introduction to Downsizing, with the help of a friend who specializes in de-cluttering and soft-launched it in November. It’s a free three-day course to get you mentally prepared for the arduous tasks of getting rid of your belongings and downsizing your home before jumping into RV life.

It seemed like a good first course to launch, since it’s one topic I don’t cover in my book and people always ask us about it. We brought in our friend Jenn who is an expert in downsizing to help write it since Heath and I have never owned a house.

So our school had two classes: one on saving money and one on downsizing. That meant it was time to write a course that was less about life on the road and more about business on the road.

This week, if you listened to Heath’s latest podcast episode, we are launching our third free course, How to Start and Grow Your First Blog.

This free five-day course is for anyone who wants start a blog this year.

A few things I cover in the course are:

  • Why you should start a blog (and benefits to growing an online community)
  • The logistics of setting up your first blog (i.e hosting, website theme, etc)
  • How to start your email list
  • Strategies to grow your blog

Plus, I share bonus downloads like our content calendar and our Pinterest Starter Guide.

I even convinced Heath to contribute a bonus lesson on the big questions to ask yourself when creating your blog. (This means if starting a blog is on your New Year’s Resolution list this year, you really have no reason not to do it!)

What We Want You to Get from The RV Entrepreneur School

People who follow this blog or our podcast often talk about how the interviews and content here inspires them to travel or to start their first freelance business. I love that. But we also want to do more than just inspire. We want to equip you with the information and tools you need to move forward in your travels and your business.

Our goal with the RV Entrepreneur School is to provide the best content available for full-time travelers who run their own business.

We will release new courses every month, sometimes written solely by me or by Heath, sometimes written with the help of experts in whatever topic the course is on.

Most of these courses will be free. You can create a login and access the course content anytime. A few of these courses, once a quarter or so, will be more comprehensive premium courses (like a course how to launch your first ebook coming this spring).

If you take any of our free courses, we would love to hear how they’ve helped you grow (or if there are subjects you’d really like to learn more about, let us know!).

You can check out the RV Entrepreneur School and all three free courses here.