What RV is Right for You?
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What RV is Right for You?

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Ever thought about RVing America? Take this quiz to find out what RV is right for you!

Who is traveling with you?

Where are you traveling to first?

Pick your perfect travel quote.

Your perfect Saturday looks like...

How long will you be traveling?

What could you never give up?


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Second half of Team Padgett and full-time traveler in our Winnebago Brave. I blog about our travels, how I run our production company from the road, and the ridiculous things Heath does on a daily basis. My husband thinks I'm funny.

  • SuperTroll

    That was interesting. It said that my ideal vehicle is a Motorhome (and it showed a photo of a Class A). That’s what I had decided before I took the test. I took it again with different answers (to see if this was really a fair test) and it gave me a different result so it looks like this test is pretty legit.

  • Ooh apparently I’m a boat. Person, not an actual boat. I bet it’s my private bedroom that made me get that!!

  • DeplorableBrian Mac

    Yep Full Size Motorhome.. Just what I’m looking to do.. Nice test..Thanks..

  • Casey H

    Interesting, thank you! at first I was not going to take the time, ‘what for? me thinks..’ etc…. and lo! surprised and smiling to see “Are you sure you’re in the right place….seems you’re more a boat person…” Funny, coincidentally am about to leave a Tucson sublet and head for the ocean, which state per se not too important, just ocean that’s warm enough/clean enough while looking for my next dog buddy.
    (Came to AZ assuming I’d get an RV (which somehow just did not take root), and join the Quarzsite gathering(s) going on now, etc). Thank you for all you both share, happy travels!

    • Haha love it! We just landed in Tampa for the RV Super Show and I find I’m so much happier when I’m just near the ocean. 😍

  • Russ Paige

    I’ve been lurking on the Heath and Alyssa blog for months now, don’t know why I just now noticed that your rig is a Winnebago Brave. Last July, at the suggestionsistence of my 22 y.o. daughter, I bought a 1994 Winnebago Brave. We dubbed it “Sir Robin.” 10,000+ miles later, we’ve seen 34 states, 5 Canadian provinces, a total solar eclipse, a half dozen National Parks, a haunted prison, and even rode the Millennium Force, the perennial choice for BEST ROLLER COASTER IN THE WORLD.

    The quiz correctly pegged me as a total van lifer. I’ve been telling myself that for over a decade as day after day I sit and stare at my computer and type words into cloud-stored documents.

    • Haha yes we love our Brave! Heath’s grandparents have one too. It’s a good rig!

  • Alyssa, what program or plug-in did you use to create this test? I really like it.

  • Bridgette

    No! Not Barb. How neat you created that quiz. I almost couldn’t pick on the ‘where to first’ and ‘perfect Saturday one’. I wanted several of them. I enjoy quizzes myself, I mean…I have only taken about nine to see my Hogwarts house (one even on Pottermore) haha.

    • Haha I was so sad! I am the forgotten one. And that’s hilarious! I’m a Ravenclaw. I’m definitely guilty of retaking it just because I wanted to get in Gryffindor.

      • Bridgette

        Didn’t we all? Yeah, I was Slytherin. Immediately thought “I am NOT evil!” So did like five more and got Slytherin again, a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff, and then last one was a percentage and it was 71% Slytherin and 69% Gryfindor. Ha. 😂 Sooo I accepted I am a….Slytherdor. 😉 I will go take one and hope for Eleven.

  • Gary Gower

    Shure! Great test… A van, YES! . In fact I own a VW Combi camper (1991), since new, (220,000 miles, new engine and suspension). I am planning (retired this year) to travel the South/West of USA in a couple of years… Then, all the way up (route 66) to Chicago… Down via Nashville, Tenessesse area, New Orleans and back home… Glad to find your Youtube Channel! Keep that great spirit. Gary

  • Doreen Wolfgram

    This was a lot of fun! I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking about the various motivations and thoughts of various types of RVers! My husband and I are planning on going to the Tampa TV Supershow this week too. I will be looking out for the two of you!

    • Thanks Doreen! Come find us at the Winnebago area! 🙂

      • Doreen Wolfgram

        Great! We’ll see you there!

  • Flap Jack

    You hit it perectly. We travel as much as can now, and in 2 years the “golden handcuffs” get unlocked and we hit it full time. We just bought a brand new 40′ Tiffin. We’re putting 960 watts of solar panels on next month, and she’s a ready to go.