RVE 114: Why You Should Start A Blog (Even When There Are a Billion Others Who Are “Better”)

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On today’s Test Drive, I want to talk about why you should start a blog, podcast, Instagram, or whatever you want to start even when there are a billion others who are “better” than you or already doing what you want to do.

Have all the good ideas been taken?

When I first started blogging about RVing on Heath Padgett, there were a lot of other RV blogs out there that were already providing really great content. I spent so much time thinking about what I could do differently to have a unique voice on the internet. In hindsight, I remember doing this a lot before starting this podcast too.

In conversations with friends, I hear this a lot. They say “I want to do this project, but I feel like everything’s already been done before.”

What I’ve been realizing more and more is that:

  1. That’s not true. Not all ideas have already been done before.
  2. The internet is a big enough space for everyone to create in.
  3. Everything hasn’t been done before because it hasn’t been done by you.

The last one is really the one that I believe is the strongest argument because nobody had done in an RV blog written by Heath and Alyssa with our experiences, our values, and our outlook on the world.

The same is true for the RV Entrepreneur Podcast. There are other podcasts about travel or business. But I was able to marry the two together to talk about two subjects that I’m really passionate about.

When it comes to your own unique message, your life experiences are going to make your message stronger than other people and I think that’s a great reason to still start the Blog. Even if there are a million other people out there who are already doing that thing that you want to be doing, it’s not being done by you.

We have this awesome free resource to get you started!

Alyssa just published a free course on how to build a blog for beginners. Check it out here at our RV Entrepreneur School.

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  • It’s really all about perspective. When people are researching a topic, they will read ALL the blogs but usually line up with one or two. Personally, I like the way you and Alyssa see things although I’m about 4 decades older, so I will normally give more credibility to your blogs. Will we always agree? I hope not, but I have to read it to know.

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