What Campgrounds in Italy Are Like

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An Italianio campeggio is not unlike an American RV resort. They are massive, clean, and offer your basic amenities like electricity bathhouses, dump stations, shade trees, etc.

But where Italian campgrounds really excel is in their culture.

Europeans are known for lingering over meals and with that tradition comes higher quality food. We dined at many campgrounds during our time in Italy and I was always so impressed by the ambiance of the restaurant, the quality of the food, and the number of diners who showed up who weren’t staying at the campground. In America, I don’t think anyone is going out of their way to dine at an RV park restaurant (which is typically just a concession stand).

Another difference was how family-friendly parks were. Some parks would have two pools: one for adults, one shallower pool for kids. They offered a separate shower area for kids and even a baby bath! This was something I was really worried about with Ellie in the RV. The sinks are too small to bathe her in and the shower is less than ideal. This RV park (ahem, campeggio) in particular solved this problem and allowed Ellie to do her favorite thing in the world: splash.

The major con to Italian camping: small sites for our big rig. Well, relatively big. It would be a Class C or B+ in America standards but a big motorhome by European standards.

Plus, as you’ll see in the video above, the sites are set up in a pretty odd way when it comes to hookups like electricity. (And don’t get me started on dumping your tanks!)

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