Life On The Road: Make the Most of Every Moment

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I’m sitting in the front seat of the RV in middle of nowhere Wyoming driving through a steady rain. Well, Heath is driving. Many of our days are filled with adventure, but just as many are spent like this, watching cars zoom past us on the highway.

make the most of every moment

The sky is light gray without a single hint of blue. You can see fields for miles soaking up a long rain. I don’t think the temperature will rise past 60 degrees today. It’s the type of day designed for baking chocolate chip cookies and lying on the couch watching old movies.

But instead of relaxing all day, we’re on the road inching slowly closer to Boulder, Colorado.

On all of our driving days, Heath and I make frequent stops. Sometimes we pass a tranquil lake or a bright green forest and we pull off the highway onto the shoulder. We roll up all of our blinds and stare out at the natural beauty.

I’ll toss a Totino’s pizza in the oven for Heath and reheat some leftovers for me. Heath will lie on the couch and close his eyes for 10 minutes making comments on how magical it is when the RV fills with the smell of pizza. I’ll stand at the stove tossing together whatever leftovers we have from the week, usually adding a dash of soy sauce and calling it stir-fry. We measure when we take our lunch by the scenic beauty, not our hunger.

On days where the drive is particularly exhausting, like today when we’d rather be relaxing, we throw on an episode of Friends or The Office while we wait to eat. We laugh along and enjoy a short break in an otherwise long day. Heath calls them our scenic lunch breaks.

Our lunches are nothing special. They are just lunch on the road in an RV. But they are one of our favorite parts of our travel. As much as we can, we try to make it special.

I could make Heath’s pizza while he drives and he could eat with one hand with the other on the wheel. We would get where we’re going a little faster that way.

But it wouldn’t be as memorable.

No matter how mundane, make the most of every moment.