picking up our campervan rental in new zealand

Picking Up Our Campervan Rental in New Zealand: NZ Episode 3

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The day before we picked up our Wilderness Motorhome rental here in New Zealand, we received an alarming email. The RV we rented needed a few repairs and unfortunately, they wouldn’t be done in time! Cue panic attack.

But since we couldn’t get the 6-meter campervan we booked, they offered to upgrade us to the 7-meter campervan. We were bummed for about two seconds since we had already told everyone how excited we were about our tiny van. But the rig we are in now is SO COOL. We’ve seen a lot of RVs in our time, but this one is hands down the coolest.

Check out the video to see our reactions to seeing it for the first time 😍


A few resources we mention in this video:

I can’t gush enough about how much I truly LOVE this RV. Heath has already started looking at the manufacturer (Bürstner in Germany) and is trying to find a way to bring one back to America.

What makes this rig our dream RV?

1. Onboard wifi with unlimited data

OMG, thank you to the kind couple we met at the Toronto RV Show who said the onboard wifi was worth it. You were so right.

Current internet speeds lakeside with a view of amazing snow-capped mountains: 8 megs down, 2.5 megs up. That’s better than the service we typically get in cities or hubs in America.

Since we are working online a fair bit while we are here, internet was a must. We’ve been in the camper five days now and the wifi has already proven that it’s worth the $10/day.

2. A huge table

Since meeting up with our friends Jedd and Michelle, who you’ll finally meet in episode 4, we’ve all been able to eat dinner together in the rig easily. Plus, Heath and I can work at the table at the same time and still have plenty of space. Considering how many hard drives and cameras I work with, this is quite the feat!

3. It’s tiny at just under 23 feet.

I love the idea of the Travato or Revel, but I’m not a vanlifer. They feel just a tad too small for a full-time home. This tiny rig doesn’t feel like a van, even though it’s about the same size as the Travato. It feels more like a Class C because of the wicked smart floorplan.

4. King-sized bed! 

Our Winnebago spoiled us. We love the room!

5. The coolest RV bathroom of ALL TIME (Sometimes I exaggerate but this is 100% true and you are wrong if you disagree)

You saw in the video how the bathroom wall breaks away to transform the bathroom into a shower. It is the coolest witchcraft I have ever seen and saves so much space! We’ll show it more in depth in a future video.

6. Storage! It’s everywhere!

When we were packing to fly over, I had no idea what would become of our suitcases. I figured worst-case scenario, we would leave them at Wilderness’ office. But the garage in this RV is HUGE and fit all our suitcases with plenty of room to spare. Plus, there is hidden storage in the steps and in the floor. This rig is literally the future of RVs, I’m telling you.

PS We may never leave New Zealand please come visit us sometime.