RVE 129: RV Life VS Van Life

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On today’s episode, we’re really nerding out on RV life VS van life. The vast majority of this time this podcast steers towards mostly business with injections of travel and ramblings about RV life, but today’s episode is really the least business talk of any podcast I’ve ever done.


Well, one thing you may remember me talking about in earlier podcast episodes is just how van life is kind of a foreign concept to me (ironically, as you listen to this there’s a good chance I will be driving a van across New Zealand, but I digress).

The point being, a few months ago I had a really fascinating conversation with a new friend of mine named Kathleen, from the blog Tiny House Tiny Footprint. She’s been living in a van for the past few years and we’ve been living in an RV for the past few years. For 99.9% of the world’s population, this difference is semantics. One of these is slightly larger than the other, but your home still moves.

However, if you’re part of the RV or van life world, this difference is huge. There’s a relatively large cultural gap between the idea of living in a van VS living in an RV. And while up in Buena Vista, Colorado on a shoot for Winnebago, Kathleen and I started digging into some of the differences in viewpoints.

Again, for most people these are semantics, but I found it to be a really interesting conversation because as much as we’ve really made tons of friends and relationships with the RV world — I’ve noticed RVers tend to stick around RVers and van-lifers kinda stick to van-lifers.

So in this episode, Kathleen and I really dig into some of these little nuances of RV life VS van life.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • The difference between RV life VS van life (and what each thinks about the other)
  • Why Kathleen chose to live in a van to decrease her footprint
  • How she has been able to transition her career into a full-time income
  • The dangers of judging others based on social media presence

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