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What’s the best state in America?

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After hearing about Hourly America, people generally have two questions: What’s the best state in America? and What’s the worst state? (These questions are often followed up with what was Heath’s favorite job and least favorite job.)

The answer to the worst state is easy: New Jersey. It’s densely populated, polluted, the roads are terrible, the people are snobby–the list goes on.

But the answer to the best state is obvious.

Guys, the best state in America is Hawaii. Duh.

We visited them all and the choice is very clear. When it comes to travel, you must go to Hawaii. It’s gorgeous, diverse, and worth it.

(And no, unfortunately you cannot RV to Hawaii. But you can fly and stay at a beachside hotel, which is more expensive but let’s face it, you have to go.)

As if I really need to explain, here are few reasons why Hawaii is the best state in America:

  • It’s made up of islands (137 total, but only 8 inhabited), so there are plenty of beaches. These beaches are what make Hawaii the number one tourist spot in America. (I made that up, but it sounds like it could be true, don’t you think?)

big beach maui hawaii

  • Volcanoes. More importantly, dormant volcanoes.
  • Everything is fresh. You can buy fresh island fruit everywhere plus banana nut bread. YUM. Also, where else in the country can you buy food on the side of the road and it’s not super sketchy?

banana nut bread road to hana maui

  • You’re nearly 2,000 miles away from the nearest land mass, so you can literally disconnect from life back home and enjoy time off. For example, here’s my husband drinking out of a coconut. Was this coconut designed for drinking? No. But that didn’t stop him from sticking his cup in it and bragging that he was on vacation drinking out of a coconut.


  • Clean air. Since it’s so far away from major cities the air feels so much cleaner. Or maybe it’s just the sea salt and flowers in the air. Either way, there’s nothing quite like it.
  • Hiking. Since Hawaii was formed by said volcanoes, everything is a) super green and gorgeous and b) rocky and perfect for hiking. You’ve got mountains; you’ve got beaches; what else do you need?

hiking maui road to hana

  • And with the hiking naturally comes a million gorgeous waterfalls.

waterfalls road to hana maui

  • Wildlife. During our visit, we paddle boarded next to whales. WHALES. It was terrifying. I would never do it again. A whale would probably eat me. But it was SO COOL.

stand up paddle boarding with whales maui

  • National Parks. We visited Haleakalā national park during our visit. Most people visit to say that they’ve been to the top of a volcano (I’ve been to the top of a volcano) but we also visited the “seven pools” of water leading off the volcano toward the ocean. It was freezing. Side note: This is one of the few national parks in the country where you can walk around without pants and it’s totally NBD.

best state hawaii

  • You can eat lunch in a tiki hut. Where else can you do this on the side of the road next to a beach?


  • Fish. Tacos.


  • And again, the BEACHES.

best state in america hawaii


Ah, Hawaii. We miss you.