Show Up Everyday: How To Get Better At Anything

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Every once in a while, I write a post and think to myself, “This is it. This is the perfect blog post. Everyone will read it, love it, and somehow I’ll get rich.”

show up everyday

That’s how we like to dream, isn’t it? One great song, one video, one great piece of writing will go viral and people by the thousands will flock to you with adoration.

I don’t know about you, but this has yet to actually happen to me.

But here was my problem: before my 30 day challenge, I published two blogs in the past 30 days. Two! And I called myself a writer who wanted to grow an audience and write books. I write these words now and laugh at myself, wondering how I went so many days without working on my art before realizing that I let fear seize my hands.

You can’t show up twice a month and call yourself a writer. You can’t give your craft only 5% of your energy and expect great results. You only get out what you put it. And I wasn’t putting in very much at all, silently hoping for my big break.

I’ve read many blogs over the years saying there is one secret to success for writers:

Show up everyday.

The words are simple, but the actions are immense. So I asked myself, “Why am I unwilling to show up every day? Why do I not work daily?”

Because no one will notice if I do nothing, but people will notice if I do something and fail.

I began my 30 day challenge because I let fear separate me from doing something I actually love. I began spending more time wondering how many people would click on my blog and hate what I wrote or completely disagree or dislike me, than I did actually writing.

But in the past 17 days of writing daily, here’s what’s changed:

  1. I’m more confident. I’m not writing for everyone. I’m just writing for the people who share my worldview.
  2. Writing is more fun. The more I write, the more I remember that I truly enjoy it.
  3. Writing is easier. Like working out or eating healthy, over time it starts becoming easier.
  4. I delete half of the words I write, if not more. Why? Because I want to get better every day. You can’t get better without getting rid of the bad stuff.

As I show up everyday, I’m forced to change. I’m forced to improve. Great work doesn’t happen overnight, it grows day after day. It takes energy and effort. But everyday you show up, it gets easier.

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  • You are on the road to being a successful writer…something I have always thought you could do really well. It doesn’t matter whether people agree or disagree with what you write…afterall, everyone has their own opinions. What matters is that you make people think about what you are writing…agreeing or disagreeing…because that is what will keep them coming back. An interesting opinion with fact and emotion that makes someone stop and ponder what you have written. In my opinion, I think that is what a writer would want. Keep up the good work!

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