Announcement: Our Next Adventure!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, Heath seriously tried to move to California last summer for the sake of adventure. We both love the weather, the beach, the beauty, but I wasn’t about to let him move 2,000 miles away.

So we compromised. I have an event on my phone set for July 2nd, 2014. I added it to my calendar last July. It simply says, “Move to California.” In one year, we would be married and move to California. Neither of us wanted to settle in Texas. We knew Texas. We wanted something new and exciting. We agreed that no matter what, we wouldn’t spend our next summer frying in Texas.

Over time, our move to California transformed into a new plan all together. We considered moving to Colorado, or Oregon, or Tennessee, or North Carolina. But we couldn’t pick one. They all had long lists of pros.

We were thinking too small.

So we decided to try all of them. All of them in the U.S. In a great, whirlwind adventure.

Our Adventure

Our Adventure:

To visit the continental U.S. on a road trip on an extended honeymoon. All 48 continental states. Just he and I. (Although I’m fighting for a plane ticket to Hawaii too.)


As soon as we say “I do.” Once we’re hitched, we’re hitting the road.


The first thing people ask when we mention our trip is always about finances. To which I try not to blatantly roll my eyes. Money may make you rich, but it doesn’t give you a rich life, not like travel and experience will.

We have a sponsor for our trip to fund a documentary we will be filming called Hourly America.

We’ve created a GoFundMe page to fundraise for our trip because we want you to be a part of our adventure too.


Deciding a why is hard.

We want to see all 50 states. That’s a why.

We want to travel together often in our marriage. That’s a why.

We want our lives to be something extraordinary not out of the ordinary. That’s a why.

But those whys can’t keep you going when you have a flat tire in the pouring rain in the middle of Montana.

We are taking this trip as our “inciting incident” as Donald Miller would say. It’s the catalyst to thrust us into greater epic.

My “why” risk: Writing a book. I’ve dabbled and written in moments of inspiration, but we aren’t coming home until this one is done. It’s something I’ve dreamed since I was six. It deserves to be a reality. Plus I’ll be blogging about our adventures along the way.

Heath’s “why” risk: After college, you find yourself asking, “What do I really want to do?” Heath plans to take a day in each state to perform a job relative to that state. For example, working production in LA or logging in Oregon or farming in any of the Midwestern states. He plans on writing about his research on his blog (not up and running yet!), where he writes about focusing on the important things in life.

It may sound crazy, impossible, unorthodox, or whatever. But we don’t want to settle for what is normal or what is expected. We don’t want our dreams to collect dust for the sake of buying a reasonably priced home in a safe neighborhood where we can settle down and raise a nuclear family.

This is our dream. This is our latest adventure. We’d love for you to join us by following my blog or Heath’s or by supporting our GoFundMe. Or by going on an adventure of your own and achieving the dream that’s been sitting on your shelf.

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