RVE 198: How to Make $5,500 in a Week Flipping RVs

Today on the podcast I bring on my friend Cortni from the Flipping Nomad. Cortni’s story is unbelievably inspiring. Six years ago she was borderline homeless, struggling to take over her dad’s businesses (who recently had a stroke), and moved into … Read More

Living in an RV Resources

Thank you so much for buying and reading my book! I hope you enjoyed it. Here are links to the resources I mention in the book! This post may contain affiliate links. See our affiliate disclaimer here. Before you buy your … Read More

How to Find Remote Work (in 10 steps)

This is a guest post by Camille Attell. We met Camille at our first RV Entrepreneur Summit back in 2017 when she had just started RVing full-time with her husband Bryce. Back before the road called, Camille worked for 20 … Read More


After RVing America, we started dreaming about going internationally. Did you know RVing is more popular in Europe than here in North America? Although, they call it “motorhoming” or “caravanning” over there. We spent two weeks camping all over Italy. … Read More

2019 Year in Review

When Alyssa and I first started traveling the US in 2014, this blog (previously HeathPadgett.com & AlyssaPadgett.com, respectively) was a primary focus for us. We wrote new posts several times per week and sometimes daily. Over the past year or … Read More

dani schnakenberg
RVE 194: Don’t Ditch the 9-5 to Work a 9-9

We don’t ditch the 9-5 to work 9-9 in our little offices. How do you build a business that supports your family while also leaving enough room to live the RV lifestyle? That’s the question Dani asked when she saw … Read More

heath kayaking in maine
The Number One Mistake New Travelers Make

In an interview last week, someone asked me, “What is the number one mistake I see new travelers make?” It’s an easy question for me to answer because I definitely learned this lesson from experience. (There are other mistakes we’ve also learned … Read More

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