Best RVing Books

I love reading. (Probably why this isn’t the first book list we’ve posted on this blog!) I try to read at least 52 books a year (or one a week) and this year I’ve been reading a ton of books … Read More

Kyle Kesterson
Heath’s biggest business mistake…EVER.

*ding* New group message with Wes, Heath, & Alyssa Wes W: Just landed and heading to baggage pick up. Where you at? Alyssa P: We’re in Maine…? Wes W: haha you’re funny Heath P: I looked up through our windshield and saw Heath … Read More

Six years ago today, I was totally broke.

I burrowed my head into my heads and groaned. This can’t be happening, I thought. Because when I opened my bank account to check the balance, I saw this: Where did all our money go? Oh, that’s right, a killer lightning … Read More

How to Become a Digital Nomad: The Ultimate Guide

I sat with my laptop open staring at gorgeous photo after gorgeous photo on Pinterest and texted my husband, “I can’t believe we are actually doing this!!!!!” We were planning to spend one year traveling to all fifty states. Little … Read More

Healthcare for RVers and RV Entrepreneurs

Ah, healthcare. This is probably my least favorite subject to talk about. It invites so much controversy, confusion, and rip-your-hair-out hassle. Not to mention finding healthcare for RVers is ten times more complicated. We’ve been RVing for years and have … Read More

14 Tips for Running a Business from an RV

When we first started RVing back in 2014, we knew very little about remote work. Being location independent or a digital nomad was just starting to trend as a cool hashtag (or maybe we’d just discovered it). But by now, … Read More

Yay! Let’s stay friends.

We’re so happy to keep you on our email list. Here are a few freebies from us that you might like: 50 Business Ideas for RVers 38 Places to Find Remote Work The RV Entrepreneur School (with 10 free courses … Read More

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