We ran out of water while camping… 😬 🙊

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If you’ve ever RVed before, you know that there is an extra set of logistics to handle as you travel. You need to monitor you batteries and your water and your tanks.

As seasoned RVers, we’re used to this.

Ellie, however, isn’t.

So when we found a beautiful remote campsite on a long stretch of quiet beach, we were excited to spend a relaxing night enjoying the outdoors…until we realized someone had left the sink running and drained our water tank.

With no water bottles and no water hookups nearby, we were in a tough spot.

Watch the video: 

Thank you to the nearby motorhome who loaned us some water bottles!


Meanwhile, we remembered why we love the South Island of New Zealand. There is endless beauty, delicious wineries, and more wild camping than anyone could ever experience!

After leaving our beautiful campsite and finding water, we headed to the town of Kaikoura. Kaikoura is known for its marine wildlife, including an absurd number of seals! After finding a pod of whales, we hiked up the coast in search of seals.

Watch the video to see all of the beauty unfold 🦭 🐋

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