Dapper Drive office set-up

25 Mobile Office Set-Ups to Inspire You to RV Full-Time

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Ready to upgrade your work space? These 25 mobile office set-ups will inspire you to hit the road in an RV. http://heathandalyssa.com/mobile-office

I’m a sucker for a good mobile office set-up.

Mostly because 99% of RVs don’t come equipped with a desk or any space that even resembles a good work station. (Shout out to all the entrepreneurs out there taking conference calls at the RV park picnic table!)

If you want a mobile office in your RV, you have to get creative, learn how to do a little renovation, and maximize your square footage.

As we all make do with creating an office space in our home on wheels, there are a few essential items we’ve found that make the ergonomics of the situation a whole lot better.

Laptop Stand

Save your neck the literal headache.

This is Heath’s favorite laptop stand (we’ve also used this cheaper but bulkier one that is slightly harder to travel with) and he has used it for years. If you find yourself slouching over your laptop, complaining about neck and shoulder pain, and need an easy solution, this is it.

This particular one by Nexstand is basically a cheaper version of a Roost laptop stand (pretty sure they invented this style). We’ve tried both brands and the Roost lasted about a month before it broke. The Nexstand has traveled to multiple countries by plane and RV. Highly recommend.

Wireless Mouse

Some people just hate trackpads. Some people hate Bluetooth mouses that can be a pain to connect. Some people hate using a mouse with a cord like it’s 2003.

So this USB mouse checks all the boxes (and is available in a bunch of colors). We’ve used this mouse for years after our Apple mouse kept giving us trouble. It’s under $20 and super reliable.

Wireless Keyboard

We use the Magic Keyboard that came with our iMac. It’s small, it’s rechargeable, it’s light and easy to toss into a backpack.

But it’s nearly $100.

You can find much cheaper keyboards on Amazon, and I recommend any small, light keyboard that works via Bluetooth so you can easily travel with it.

External Monitor

This is the piece of equipment you’ll see most people below adding to their RVs.

We’ve traveled with our iMac in both of our Winnebagos—laying the heavy monitor on the bed during travel for safety. But for most, a lightweight and mountable external monitor is a better option.

Plus, then you can simply unhook your laptop and head to a coffee shop if you’re looking to get out of the rig. That is not so easy with a desktop computer! External monitors are great for running multiple screens at once and for keeping your workspace a little more comfortable for your body.

Other recommendations:

Standing Desk: For a while, we used a piano stand and a large cutting board as a makeshift standing desk. It worked great, though it was a bit wobbly. Standing desks are crazy overpriced if you ask me, but you can find collapsible laptop stands for musicians on Amazon for a quarter of the price.

AirpodsHeath has raved about Airpods for years and I’m now on board. They aren’t noise-canceling, but the fact that whatever I’m listening to pauses as soon as I remove an Airpod is SO BRILLIANT. And handy.

Portable Table: If the couch if your best workspace, we loved this little table! It scoots under the couch easily and it’s big enough to host your laptop and your lunch (clearly speaking from experience here.) The height is adjustable, but it doesn’t get tall enough to be used as a standing desk.

Those are the biggest ways we’ve seen RVers adapt their workspace to be a little friendly to the body and the small space. It’s a challenge that all RV entrepreneurs love to tackle, so we asked our Facebook group to share their mobile office set-ups to inspire you.

Below are our top 25 picks, ranging from stand-up desks to custom build-outs to folding tables and couches. There’s no one way to set up a desk in an RV and these pioneers prove it!

Dapper Drive

Dapper Drive office set-up

The Rig: 2007 28-foot travel trailer

Outside Found

Outside Found office set-up

The Rig: 2001 GMC Bluebird bus


Phyllis Swenson

Phil Swenson

Most intense set-up I have seen!

The Rig: Class A motorhome

Roamin Ryans

Roamin Ryans office set-up

The Rig: Grand Design Momentum fifth wheel toy hauler

Sit/stand up desk set up in the garage

Sonya Schweitzer

Sonya Schweitzer office set-up

Desk set up in the bedroom for the husband. The wife uses the dinette.

No Address Required

No Address Required office set-up

The Rig: 2007 Damon Daybreak 3276

Nathan Kaemingk

Nathan Kaemingk office set-up

Took out the chair by the door and added in a small Ikea desk!

Faux Bold

Faux Bold office set-up

The Rig: Airstream

Migratory Life

Steffanie Pisula office set-up

The Rig: Rockwood Windjammer

Steffanie and Michael have done a lot of little renos on their travel trailer, including adding in this desk space!

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Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts office set-up

The Rig: Class A motorhome

RV Reboot

Cathy Martin office set-up

The Rig: 40 ft Itasca Horizon (Class A motorhome)

This is actually the existing dinette!

Rachel Brewer

Rachel Brewer office set-up

Always on Liberty

Always on Liberty office set-up

Lisa in her outdoor office!

The Rig: Landmark fifth wheel

Mountain Modern Life

Mountain Modern Life

Can I choose a favorite mobile office set-up? It’s this one! 😍😍😍

The Rig: Class A motorhome

A Team Life

A Team Life

Oh wait, this one might be my favorite. I love the curtains!

The Rig: Fifth wheel

Follow Your Detour

Follow You Detour

Lindsay’s office

The Rig: Fifth wheel

The Fit RV

The Fit RV

The Rig: Winnebago Travato (Class B motorhome)

Side note: Want to stay fit while traveling? Follow Stef and James!

The Simple Venture

The Simple Venture

The Rig: Class A motorhome

Northern Nomads

Northern Nomads

The Rig: Travel Trailer


Technomadia office set-up

The Rig: 1961 vintage bus

[For more mobile office set-ups, check out Technomadia’s article.]

Always the Road


Always The Road


RV Love

RV Love

The Rig: Class A Motorhome


188 Sq Ft

The Rig: Keystone fifth wheel

The pup: Foxey, a miniature Golden doodle that Heath tries to kidnap every time we see Kevin and Mandy 😂

Heath, the king of many offices

Photo cred: Kyle Kesterson

Charles Gupton

building a business on the road

Back in our Winnebago Brave, Heath would use all five of these desk setups on any given day because he can’t sit still. He likes to bounce around.


This year we moved into a 2020 Winnebago Forza 38D, which has a dual desk setup that has been a game-changer. As I said, 99% of RVs don’t have desk space. We chose this RV because it falls in that one percent. I love having that separation between a workspace and the rest of the house. Plus having any space at all that is dedicated solely to being an office is pure luxury.

Now that you’ve got the desk, all you need is a job you can work from anywhere!

Ready to upgrade your work space? These 25 mobile office set-ups will inspire you to hit the road in an RV.