RVE 207: How to Find a Remote Job (in 90 days or less)

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I think it’s really easier if you can to take your job remote than to start a business. It’s one less new thing to learn.

Back in the corporate world, Camille thrived in HR. She focused on job placement, helping people get off welfare and into the workforce, and course creation for corporate training.

So it makes complete sense that now she runs an online business focused on helping RVers find remote jobs.

But it wasn’t so easy for Camille to go from full-time career to starting her own business.

But before we get into the episode, I want to share Camille’s free masterclass on finding remote work. This free masterclass is designed to work you through the framework to start searching for the right remote job for you.

Sign up to attend the free How To Find Remote Work in 90 Days or Less and you’ll get a discount code for Camille’s Remote Work 101 program too. The 101 program will guide you through making a plan, refreshing your resume, finding job opportunities, and even interviewing for your remote job. You can get the course for 50% off when you attend the free How To Find Remote Work in 90 Days or Less masterclass 🙂

When Camille and her husband Bryce started RVing in 2016, they were lonely. They didn’t know anyone else who was RVing full-time, they quit their full-time jobs, and they yearned for community.

Which is when someone online casually mentioned to Camille our RV Entrepreneur Summit. It was 2017 and we were about to host our first conference.

Camille bought tickets, re-routed her RV, and that’s when we met! At the Summit, Camille connected with a few other RV women who all together formed a mastermind and then their own business. It was finding this community that helped Camille keep going when she was dangerously close to giving up on RV life.

In this podcast episode, we talk about how Camille decided to start blogging (like all new RVers do!) and how she’s turned it into a full-time business. We get into specifics like:

  • How creating courses as a blogger was way easier than in a corporate setting
  • How Camille validated her niche
  • Overcoming your identity and labels to pivot and reinvent yourself with a new career

Plus Camille dives into the big tips she shares with RVers who are struggling to figure out what type of job they can do on the road. Like:

  • Creating an inventory of your skills
  • Understanding fears with starting a remote job (and no, you don’t have to take a pay cut)
  • How taking one course can open up new opportunities

And Heath and Camille share the struggles of the journey of entrepreneurship. The peaks and valleys and all the crazy difficult moments that make you wonder if starting your own business is really worth it.

This was a great episode, I hope you enjoy it!

3 Responses

  • Thanks to Heath and Camille for the shoutout! It was fun to listen to you both.

    I didn’t let COVID stop me this year. I lost my full-time job due to COVID this summer so I took some more online courses and jumped right into “Workamping”. I have a part-time job in Southern AZ thanks to the support of the RV community. I am the Activities Director for the winter season in the new travel trailer that Camille mentioned.

    My next challenge will be to purchase a truck to pull my new home.

    Stay safe and healthy,

  • With Covid still in the back of our minds, we all know that remote work is there to stay.
    The question is, how do you find a good remote job. You probably don’t have the time to visit all these job sites to find the right job.

    A new service remote jobs. might have a solution for you.

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