Our Different Approach to Goal Setting in 2019

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What we talk about in this episode:

In this podcast episode, Heath and I talk through how we changed up our process for setting goals in 2019. We struggled more this year than any other year to set goals and establish a direction for the next 12 months—namely since we are currently in one place instead of traveling full-time and have the big uncertainty of our daughter coming this spring.

Since deciding our goals the way we have in years past wasn’t working, we came up with a new method.

goal settingFirst, we chose our themes for the year.

Second, we established our key values.

And last we set specific goals for 2019.

Our themes for the year:

Alyssa: Focus on what matters

Heath: Follow Through

Our Values:

Alyssa: Family, Growth, and Financial Stability

Heath: Clarity/direction and freedom

A few of our big goals:

  • Getting back into a Mastermind Group for accountability
  • Investing in our business growth by attending Pat Flynn’s upcoming conference
  • Reading 25 books (Heath) and 50 books (Alyssa) to grow both personally and in business
  • Weekly date nights and intentionally taking time off work to spend with our growing family
  • Getting six weeks ahead on content for HeathandAlyssa.com
  • Cutting back on wasted time on social media (and focusing on what matters!)

Resources mentioned in this episode: