RVE 0012: How Kathy and Peter Holcombe Get Paid to Take Epic Photos

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On this week’s episode of The RV Entrepreneur I sat down to interview Kathy and Peter Holcombe from famagogo.com. They are adventure and life photographers who have been traveling all over the country in their Winnebago View RV since June of 2014.

Kathy and Peter are sponsored by companies like Winnebago, Jackson Kayaks, and GoPro and take some of the most epic photos I’ve ever seen in my life. Sometimes they are photographing professional kayakers for a magazine and other times they are going on adventures to create content for one of their commercial clients.

Plus, their 11 year old daughter Abby is more of an adventurer than I could ever hope to be. (I know that sounds like a joke, but it’s 100% true).

Check out their Instagram below to see some of their work.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • How Peter and Kathy transitioned their brick and mortar photography business into a nomadic venture
  • Everything that goes into taking an amazing photograph
  • How the Holcombe’s started working with brands like Winnebago, Jackson Kayaks, and others
  • The fears they had about pulling their daughter out of school to live on the road
  • Some of the common mistakes people make when first getting started with a photography business

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  • Just left a review- I really have learned a lot by listening to you and your guests, thank you. A Casey

  • Just left a review on Itunes, hope it shows up, I couldn’t see it after I submitted it? Let me know if you don’t get it and I will try to enter it again. Great Podcast, my husband and I are about 60 days out from hitting the road, we’ve been planning for a few years and it’s finally coming true. So exciting! One question I have after listening to your podcast: When you use the library , how do you sign up since you have no local address. Seems like all the libraries I’ve been to require you to have a local address. Thanks! Bonnie Sanders

    • Hey Bonnie!

      Great question. I, personally haven’t ever dropped in a library to work. We tend to go to Starbucks to work or another local coffee shop. Also, thanks for leaving a review and listening in 🙂

    • Bonnie,
      This may help but if you currently have a library account, more then likely you can log in online and check out digital copies of the book or magazine to your Kindle device, Ipad (this is what i use) and Nook.
      Although i love holding the book, im forced to upgrade my thinking and embrace the conveniences of technological advancements. This did allow me great breaks and a touch of home while i was deployed.

  • I updated my review from 21 Feb to further say thanks for the podcasts and this community.

    Keep the exposure coming as this is your niche Keith and Alyssa.

    • I’m confused Rob? What article are you looking for? This page is the Shownotes from my podcast where I talk about what was mentioned in the show and the links we talked about. Are you looking for something else?

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  • Hi Heath, I’m really enjoying your podcasts thank you very much for putting them together. Very informative and I hope to someday be someone you interview! 🙂 I just left you a review on Stitcher I hope that’s okay – that’s what I use for listening to your podcasts. I would love to be entered in the contest to win the copilotrv app – that would be very helpful to us for our travel. Thanks again for a great podcast and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for listening Emily! And also for taking the time to leave a review 🙂 you are officially entered into the contest! Will announce a winner by next week!

  • Hi Heath, Just left a review on iTunes. Love your podcast! We are forty-somethings with two teenage kids and we just bought our first RV – an old class c. We are on a 5 year plan to full timing since the kids are so involved in sports that we can’t pull them away any earlier. But in 5 years they will both be off to college (or whatever else they decide) and I can’t wait to hit the road! Looking forward to more podcasts and blogs! Thanks 🙂

    • Hey! thank you for listening in. Congrats on the class c! We loved our first class c motorhome. I totally understand the wait, and props to you guys for laying the groundwork early in order to make it happen :).

  • Hey there Heath, I am a new listener and I am loving the podcast. There is so much amazing info that I often stop and back up to make sure that I get it all. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I just finished leaving a review on iTunes and am looking forward to tightening up my own full time RV-ing plan for myself and my kids next year. Life is an adventure!

    • Thank you! Really appreciate you leaving a review for the show and also leaving a review 🙂

  • Hello there! I’m a new listener and i must say you have changed our plans! My longterm boyfriend Jared (25) and I have been planning to relocate from PA to Oregon. We have road tripped before and have fallen in love with the area. That being said with finding your blog you have inspired us to change our plans a bit. Instead of transferring jobs and continuing with the grind we are going to take the leap and become full time RVers so all the information you can / do provide is so greatly appreciated! So THANK YOU for your podcast!

    • Wow, what an awesome compliment :). Super humbled that you guys are considering an entirely new way of life because of the podcast. Makes my heart happy to hear it! Keep in touch as you make the transition!

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