Brave or stupid? We picked up our motorhome rental, but don’t know how to drive a stick!

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When we searched the internet for a suitable RV rental in Italy, we came against a common roadblock: all the rentals were manual transmission!

Here in the states, you don’t see as many manuals anymore and you never see an RV with a manual transmission. Driving your house down the road is kind of stressful enough without the added worry of downshifting. But in Europe, it’s standard (a little driving pun for ya) and learning the skill was a must.

In true Heath fashion, he took a quick 15-minute driving lesson with a friend before we left the States and knew he’d eventually get the hang of it abroad…

Luckily for us, Peter of the RV Geeks is an amazing driving instructor! He swooped in and taught Heath everything he needed to know and Heath was able to take us straight from the grocery store parking lot into the Italian mountains…but not without a few “OMG how do you drive this thing?!” moments.

This vlog is a pretty dang funny one. I hope you enjoy it!