RVE 186: A Strategy for Generating Location Independent Business Ideas

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When Jeff and Deb met, they knew pretty quickly that they would work well together as a couple. And one the reasons was because they had the same dream: live and travel in a fifth wheel.

After dreaming for over 20 years, Jeff and Deb have now been full-timing since 2015 working with brands like Dometic (who is sponsoring our RV Entrepreneur Summit and makes half of the products in your RV probably).

It was that vision of living in an RV that guided many of the decisions in Jeff and Deb’s marriage. Meanwhile, Jeff worked as a higher-up in Walmart and Deb had her own chiropractic practice. Two jobs you can’t easily take on the road.

But not to be deterred, Jeff and Deb had four options for what they could do on the road.

  1. Do something construction-related with their knowledge of making homes energy-efficient
  2. Manage boat docks
  3. Do financial coaching (which they were already doing)
  4. Career coaching

When they presented their plans to their coach, Dan Miller, he wasn’t impressed.

“Bring me 20 possible business ideas in the next 24 hours,” he challenged them.

And so Deb & Jeff got to work brainstorming and presented their ideas the next day. That’s when Dan did something that stuck with them.

All of their businesses were like silos. What if they married them together? What if Jeff took his experience in Walmart, and in supplier relations, and their love of RVing, and their passion for the outdoors and rolled them all together into one business? What would that look like?

That really got Jeff and Deb’s juices flowing. Today they work as consultants in the RV industry and get to travel full-time to a ton of different events that they love.

In this podcast episode, we dive into how Jeff and Deb took all of their biggest passions and skills to create a business that brought their dream of living in a fifth wheel to life.

If you’re in a “real job” right now and trying to figure out how you can take your skills and start your own business of some kind, this episode is full of inspiration and tips. I hope you enjoy it.

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